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WPLG Calls Out WFOR For Wrong Story


Yesterday WFOR broke into programming with a story that Miami-Dade police director Robert Parker’s son has been arrested on armed robbery charges.

Turns out they had it very wrong and had to retract the story.

WPLG then did a whole story on the flub, sending Glenna Millberg to get a reaction from University of Miami journalism professor Sam Terrelli. And even called WFOR to get details on why they got it wrong!

The police director is said to consider civil action against WFOR

Police Director Fuming After Erroneous News Report

CBS4 News Apologizes For Incorrect Story

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  1. Lots of people watch CBS4. That’s what makes this so bad. If 7 did this, no one would care because they wouldn’t care. Channel 7 is full of unethical liars while CBS4 is a real news organization that has a reputation to keep.

  2. “CBS4 is a real news organization that has a reputation to keep”



    there is no real news organization is south florida anymore…

  3. Whatever Manager was running the newsroom at WFOR yesterday should be fired! How can you report something that big and not get two sources of confirmation? It’s basic journalism. Today at NOON 4 reported the school bus driver was drunk in the BUS vs Pickup story. It was actually the pickup driver that was intoxicated. Look at the ratings recently and it is obvious that WFOR is fading fast.

    NBC6 insider, 4 and 7 are the same monster….7 just presents it alot better. So enough about 4’s reputation, it was lost long ago! What’s really sad is that with that big new studio and all that GE money NBC6 is still the most unwatchable station in town.

  4. CBS 4 seems to be good – but they rush to interrupt any of their daytime shows with breaking news about anything. They’ll break into the soap operas 4 times during one hour for just basic news stories that dont need immediate attention. Whenever I watch As the World Turns down south its really annoying. WKMG in Orlando (where i am while im at school) will just simply report breaking news with a crawl at the bottom of the screen. If they werent in such a rush to get on the air with a “special report” this probably wouldnt have happened. And even with the crawl – they can still call it first on 4.

  5. NBC needs some major changes. There are rumors about those changes coming after the November book. Here’s the best thing about NBC 6 right now. They have the best facility in town, they pay the highest out of any station in the market. NBC is also an open door for reporters to go off to the network. The other stations are a dead end unfortunately. People like Brian Andrews who could probably do network stuff will never be able to leave because CBS just doesn’t care about their local affiliates.

  6. They need to fix their original mistake and put Tony back on the 11 Oclock news – and perhaps if they get better ratings (the netowork) then NBC 6 will get better ratings. Mr. or Mrs. Insider – what changes to you think they need to make (or anybody else)?

  7. “What’s really sad is that with that big new studio and all that GE money NBC6 is still the most unwatchable station in town.”

    So, so, so very true — and by a wide margin!

  8. Here’s the inside scoop. After the November book, the news director is out, Michael Wiliams, Jackie Nespral, Tony Segreto all out. The investigative unit will most likely be canned. NBC stations all around the country are getting rid of their investigative units. They will fire a bunch or producers and then start from scrath. What is sad is that ten years ago no one could compete with NC6, now NBC is in last place. They wen’t cheap and hired inexperienced people. There are only a few top notch people at our station now that attarct viewers: Lonnie Quinn, Julia Yarborough, Joel Connable and Ari Odzer. That’s about it. The rest of them are not helping the station at all.

  9. Oh please Michael Williams and Jackie Nespral both are leaving?? They are nbc 6 top people there is no way

  10. I sure wish NBC6 Insider is correct with some of his/her statements, but I do not believe they would get rid of all three main anchors. That would be a total destruction to their team.

    I would love to see Joel Connable in the main anchor position. He is the most entertaining person (after Kelly Craig) at NBC6. Could you just imagine a new main anchor team consisting of Joel and Kelly? That would be a different flair for NBC6.

    NBC6 Insider, what do you think lies in the near future for Joel Connable? Do you think they would consider him for the main anchor position? Please share more of your insider information with us.


  11. I am rather new to So Fla… can someone tell me what the adoration of Joel Connable is all about?

    He always looks sleepy! Bored! Maybe its just me.

  12. If 6 was smart, they’d just fire Ardy Diercks! As for that twerp Lonnie Quinn, he fessed to listening to Limbaugh daily during the 10 am show this morning. So that confirms his idiocy. No one with an IQ above 30 watches 6 for Lonnie, I assure you. I love Tony, but he needs to go back to sports because Guy Rawlings is the only one with any cred in sports there now. Joe Rose is a clod, and Kuperstein is a twit. I’d keep all the weather folks except Lonnie and put Joel and Kelly at 5, 6 and 11. Leave the morning shows alone except dump Lonnie and put Trina permanently there.

  13. I may be wrong about Jackie, but I know the ratings are not good at all with Micahel and Jackie together. The weekend newscasts are the highest rated newscasts at NBC. NBC 6 usually beats everyone else on the weekends consistantly. They usually get a 4.6 or 5 on Saturdays. Since they started brining in Michael and Jackie to do the 11pm on Sunday because of NFL football, ratings have actually dropped. Last week football had an 8 rating and when the news came on with Michale and Jackie, it dropped to a 3. On Saturday, Joe, John and Guy got a 5.7 at 11pm. Hmmm. I don;t know if JC will get a main anchor position. He is a great anchor, funny as hell, but I think they know he is a short timer in Miami. As for him looking bored or sleepy, I think tat’s just bad lighting at NBC. Joel has some of the most beautiful eyes in the world. He doesn’t look sleepy in person or when he reports, but when he anchors – I think there are a lot of shadows and it affects his eyes. He still is the best dressed, cutest anchor on TV. I think the first change will be in news directors at NBC and then someone needs to come in a shake things up. Kelly and Joel would be great. Martha and Joel would have been fun.

  14. Joel just got engaged. I don’t think he will stay in Miami for long. He is marrying some girl who is filthy rich. I think he will be off to New York soon. I think that’s where his family is from.

  15. NBC 6 has the worst lighting ever. They don;’t have eye lights like every other station has so you see shadows everywhere. That’s probably why Joel and Michael has shadows across their faces. I’ve seen Joel’s eyes in person, they are very nice. I also saw him anchoring in Los Angeles and his eyes looked great. It’s all about good lighting.

  16. David, WTVJ needs an identity — almost ANY identity. One day they’re all about spot news, the next day they’re getting their butts kicked left and right. There’s no consistency. I don’t think this town needs another spot-news station, but if that’s what they want to be, they need to get some assignment editors who can pull it off. If they want to be the “investigative” station, that’s fine too, but they need a solid investigative unit, which they no longer have. They also need some reports and anchors with the energy and delivery to pull it off. I would unload Michael and Jackie and Paul and Joe — all of them. The only one of them who has any credibility is Michael, and he’s so boring! Jackie is clueless. Paul comes across as arrogant. Joe comes across as a meathead. Julia is practically anonymous. Personally, I liked Tony and Kelly in their heydays, but that’s never going to happen again, and they have no obvious heirs to any of the main anchor jobs. Everyone else — Joel included, as far as I’m concerned — is a lightweight. Martha was the only one I would have considered in-house, and now she’s gone. I despise Lonnie Quinn, but at least he has a personality and at least inspires SOME sort of emotion with viewers. He definitely doesn’t blend into the landscape. WTVJ also needs to work on its presentation, which is by far the worst of all the stations in town. The logo is horrendous. Heck, they can’t even decide if it should be vetical or horizontal. The set is terrible. It was outdated the day it debuted 6 years ago! The set looks really cheap, which is especially sad considering how much space there is. The prodcution elements are crap too. All the animations are slow, and they all look the same. I would probably get rid of producers too. They do some WEIRD stuff sometimes. I’d also hire the best promo producers around. So that’s where I’d start.

  17. All you have to do is look at NBC6’s talent bio page online. Where is the Hispanic presence? I know there are a few, but come on. NBC6 management (past and present) never got the memo that South Florida has changed from a retirement town to a melting pot of many Hispanic cultures. Don’t get me wrong I think there are a lot of great journalist on that page. It is sad but the days of the old white guys reporting the news are long gone. I should know I am one of them!

    I agree with Murrow about their presentation and promotions. Both are by far worst in the market!

  18. I never understood why NC 6 didn’t have a better promotions department. They make good promos but they don’t do the right kind of promos. NBC 6 has no identity. That’s one of the problems. They hired Joel to be the investigative/consumer guy and you rarely see promos for him so viewers know we have a consumer or inbestigative unit. Identity is everything. They are still running promos that show jackie showing of the newsroom and Michael promising that NBC 6 always double checks with two sources before they go on the air. By the way, that is a lie. There an assistant news director at our station who runs through teh newsroom whenever there is breakign news and he rushes to put us on th air for everything from a traffic accident to ducks stuck in a drain. Seriously, we broke in for ducks stuck in a drain. The management is the major problem at NBC. Most of them are complete idiots. They do have good people but they don’t know how to use them. By the way, Jackie, Patricia and Pam Gigante are all hispanic, so they are there.

  19. I find it interesting that LMB’s comments center (front and center) on a race issue. Does it make a news agency more or less credible to have more or fewer Hispanics, or AF, or any other?

    Several posters ago stated it simply, at one time NBC6 was the best in this market, now, that cannot be said. It is time to anal-yze and to make the necessary corrections, whether it be to fire, hire, or retire.

  20. I was not suggesting it’s a credibility issue. But I do think viewers would relate more to a news organization that has faces on TV that reflect the community that they cover.

  21. My 2 cents:

    When I lived in Miami, 6 was the station I never watched because it was just plain boring.

    I always watched 7, from the time day i moved there, I caught them and loved the fast paced delivery, and cbs4 was 2nd right behind them.

    In any event, I think that most cognitive thinking americans know that when we watch the news on TV, be it local stations or cable news, we know we are being fed total shit, pure unfiltered shit. It sucks, but thats how it has become. TV stations are gettin’ it wrong all the time, very few do it on the level CBS4 did yesterday, but it really isn’t that uncommon.

    Just my opinion.

  22. The problem with NBC 6 and all O& O’s is the intrusion of corporate bean-counters. 6 has Carlos Vergara, plus a veritable plethora of ethnic groups represented as well–a Rainbow Coalition of Amara Sohn, Hetal Gandhi, Sharon Lawson. The problem I see is that 6 leans too heavily on 51 for Hispanic news stories. Don’t you think 6 should have its own identity? Also, the network owned stations don’t like to invest too much money in the talent (though someone said 6 pays best) because they view Miami as a minor league outpost. When the talent proves out, its off to New York. Likewise, when the game leaves them they send them down to the minors (hmm, weren’t Nespral and Williams both at the mother ship?). I just think Michael Williams (and it pains me to say something nice about a Gator) is better suited to be a field correspondent. Some guys aren’t meant to anchor. I see lots of you miss Martha. Anyone wanna bet Martha will end up back in this market as a lead anchor within two years?
    I’ll say it again. Segreto needs to go back to sports. He was that damned good, and still is when he fills in for George Michael. Ardy prevented him from doing UM football when Sonny Hirsch died. What a shame. If Tony was back in sports it would restore the credibility 6 lost by putting Joe Rose as their lead guy. Jeez, the jockocracy.

  23. All I can say to u Mr. ccc29 is that I hope Martha stays here in Orlando, b/c it is so great watching he mix things up here in what was boring Orlando. WESH 2 made a really good choice by bringing her in. And 6 made a really poor choice when all of a sudden she stopped filling in for the main guys and gals at 6. Perhaps the Mr. NBC insider could shed some light as to why their management stopped using her as an anchor last year.

  24. One of the things that upsets me about NBC6 is their constant need to interrupt programming. I’m a big “The People’s Court” fan, and sometimes there are CONSTANT interruptions. I remember one day they stopped to break the story about a baby thrown from a car. And they dwelled on it, rambling about the images the anchor is just seeing how they do when they have no real script. Was it absolutely necessary that I know a baby was thrown from a car NOW? Is this somehow going to change my life that I can’t wait 20 minutes till the top of the hour?

    Granted, major events warrant interruption of news. For example, the suicide of Arthur Teale, hurricanes that are minutes away from us, national emergencies, etc. But when a hurricane is DAYS away, there’s no need for NBC6 to stop their programming to repeat to me 3 times that it’s turned half a degree north…

  25. DJB:
    Points well said.

    A problem is today’s media all want to be the “first”. Whether they are accurate or not is another issue. They want to be first, especially since all were sleeping (except CNN) when Challenger blew.

    Also, they have no substance to warrant so many hours of news per day. Does Miami really think it has enough news to fill all those hours on SVN? Then, add the hours at all the other sttions, there is a lot of duplicating, repeating, and not real news. I wonder who will be the first at 3pm with a news show? and how much of it will be a repeat?

  26. Frankly, I dont believe anyone from with WTVJ will be able to bring it out of the hole. Joel Connable is maybe the best male talent there or the best, period. But the need someone else with a little bit more personality and physical prowess that would command viewers’ attention. 6 need to bring in couple new faces.

  27. The Challenger was 20 years ago, I think they’re over that now. But I dont think 7 or any other station really excepects their viewers to watch everyone of their newscasts. People watch the news at varying times of the day – whatever is convinient to the viewer. I have a question for NBC insider – Whay did 6 stop using Martha Sugalski as a fill in anchor suddenly?

  28. Martha saw th writing on the wall. years ago, she ran into a problem with an intern at NBC6. That’s about all I should say about that. Since then, NBC has been concerned about her. That is why she left. She knew she wasn’t liked by management so she decided to get another job before they told her to leave. It’s unfortunat since she was a great person and an anchor who brought viewers to the table.

  29. The major problem with NBC6 is that the producers are to worst in the market. NBC6has great people. No matter what anyone says, Michael Williams, JUlia Yarbourough and Joel Connable are all great anchors. Gosh, Joel anchoredin Los Angeles. JUlia worked in LA as well. Michael worked for the network. Those people don’t get those jobs if they suck. But our producers are so bad with writing and decidin what is and what isn’t breaking news that the anchors are left hanging all the time. You should see how everything fllas apart during an NBC newscast and how the anchors are left with no information. The other night, there was breaking news of an airplane that made an emergency landing at FLL. The producer told the anchor, “There’s a plane with a problem at Fort Lauderdale.” That was it. They cut in suddenly and left Joel and Michael to adlib about something where there was no onformation. NBC has the worst producers and worst desk in the market. That is bad production and that is bad for any television station.

  30. I see channel 4’s quest to become the next channel 7 has bitten them in the behind big time.

    Seeing channel 4’s news now actually makes me miss and appreciate the old channel 6 Action News when WFOR was WCIX. (Or even the old News 4 South Florida post-channel switch.) I was just a kid (then a teenager) back in the early to mid-1990’s and I thought 6 Action News was OK if a bit dull and ponderous, but now 10 years later I miss it. And the Palmer News Package theme that went with it.

  31. I agree Mr. WTVJ person, the anchors at NBC 6 are great, except for Michael Williams. He has a lot of talent and it is being wasted by him sitting behind a desk reading from a script. When I was down for the Jewish holiday last weekend, I noticed that Michaels delivery has picked up speed. They must have asked him to fix that, b/c he always had a slow delivery – but I liked that better b/c it was natural. Tony’s delivery is fast and natural, thats why I think he is such a great anchor. But the reason he worked for NBC in washington was b/c he is a great storyteller. And NBC6 should take advantage of that and put their people in the places they are suited the most. Firing Tony, Jackie and Michael wont help – it will make their quest to get back on top even that much tougher. What I would like to know now from MR. NBC INSIDER, is what pushed jenn Vallopi out two years ago – and is there any chance that she could come back. She was good on the afternoon shift b/c she covered breaking news very well – and according to WTVJ person – that is where they could use some help.

  32. I’ve definitely noticed Michael and Jackie become quite the speed readers when voicing those 5-second news snippets that run in prime time. They sound like the old fed-ex speed-talker, because they’re trying to cram 10 seconds of words into 5 seconds.

  33. this wasn’t a thread about wtvj. back to the initial topic, so there’s a mistake from 4. but why the cheap shot from channel 10? vindictive?

  34. Mr. admin should probably start separate threads so we can disparage each news operation separately. As to 10, this is a news operation run by a 7 alumni, who broke the exclusive Bill Kamal jailhouse interview (c’mon folks, send Bill some Preference by L’oreal, won’t you?). Oh, and Kristi “The Stepford Anchor” Krueger still works there. ‘Nuff said.


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