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2007 Regional Emmy Nominees


It’s that time of the year again. The 2007 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards Broadcast/Cablecast Program Nominess (damn that’s a mouthful) have been announced.

2007 Suncoast Emmy Award nominees

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  1. I hope Michelle Gillen gets everything she’s nominated for. I liked the “The Forgotten Floor” investigations.

  2. there’s lots of competition
    plus, everyone who wants to be considered has to submit their tape(s) for consideration

  3. They also have to pay money and some stations refuse to do it. You can’t win an Emmy without paying for the opportunity first.It is not an objective look at the best stories. If you pay you magically become a nominee.

  4. Either way, no pay no play. Not sure that matters, but some don’t know that it is not a true measure of the best reporting. It is only a measure of the people who pay to be considered. The payoff is a shot at a nice trophy for the mantle. Many news people pay it on their own because the stations won’t.

  5. you can only be nominated if you submit work… a lot of people don’t want to pay (it’s like $100) to submit work.. that’s why a lot of places have so few nominations….

  6. Okay, so the people who have about 4 or 5 nominations have paid at least $400 for that “honor”? That’s a lot of money to pay just to show off, imo.


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