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Channel 10 Reporter Arrested


Got a tip Rad Berky will report on 10 at 6pm. Im holding back to see if it is who i was told it is before I put the name on here.

**//Jeff Weinsier has been arrested for carrying a consealed weapon in a school zone

***///According to the report on Channel 10 Jeff Weinsier was on assignment at Miami Central High School.

He wasn’t inside the school. The confrontation was with school board police for his right to be on a public sidewalk.

Weinsier to cop: Why are moving us from here?
Cop: Because we’re kindly asking you to … the school has requested that you please go across the street
Weinsier to cop: I am asking you. Why are you asking us to go across the street on public property.

The cop then proceeded to shove the photog telling him to turn the camera off.
After the arrest they conducted a search and found the gun. Weinsier has a permit to carry a consealed weapon, he was not inside school property.

He was charged with carrying a weapon on school property and for trespassing after being warned.
Weinsier is being held on $11,500 bond according to WFOR

Update 7:45pm: here’s the charges he was booked on. He was oficially booked at 6:20pm tonight


Local10.com – Local 10 Reporter Arrested While Covering Story


  1. unbelievable.. what a moron. should be fired immediately. can you imagine if the gun would have gone off by accident and injured (or even killed) someone!

  2. Yeah just imagine if the gun jumped out its holster on its own from inside a jacket and then pulled its own trigger! Wow that would have been bad!

    Only a moron wouldn’t carry a gun after someone threatened his life.

    According to the CBS report he wasn’t on school property anyway. And note to cops, sidewalks and right of ways are not owned by the schools.

    He’s a good reporter and always has been. If they fire him he will be replaced with some idiotic 22 year old intern with a set of freshly stiched up breast implants who will work for peanuts until she hooks up with a sugar daddy.

    Cheap shot by WFOR. A guy outside a school with a concealed weapon and permit is not a news story. Hey WFOR, at least he didn’t fabricate an arrest and call it breaking news!

    Note to WPLG. Keep Weinser!!!!!

  3. I agree w/ anchorman, excet for his part whrn he said its not a news story. Hell yea it is, hes a famous local tv reporter and this is a valid local controversy, its gonna be interesting to see what ch 10 does.

  4. Wait a minute. Do you think Ch 10 likes it that an employee carries a weapon while working? I can’t imagine that. The guy had no reason to have that gun while working, and clearly he wanted to go on school ground and get the story, so why have a gun? Whether he was on school property or not is more important to his legal issue, but as for Ch 10…they should fire him. No excuses for being so stupid.

  5. wow they all are at wrong here. The School Board were wrong for arresting him.. But This guy is going to a HS why in hell does he need a gun at a high school?



  7. The Gables you are absolutely right, except Jeff was on a PUBLIC sidewalk. Until you walk in his shoes don’t judge him about the gun. Keep your chin up Jeff! WPLG would be crazy to get rid of you.

  8. Not a news story?? Channel 10 makes a news story out of their weather guy John Guaraldi’s house burning down and yet this is not a news story?? Then why are stations all over the country talking about it?!

  9. am so glad channel 10 (click10.com) posted the raw video on their web site. If you have had the chance to check it out, think about these things:

    1.) How many times did the officer ask the reporter to “kindly go across the street?”

    2.) Did you hear the reporter say, “I think I’m going to get arrested today.”

    3.) Did you see how crazily the kids started acting when the saw the camera was on? Did you see how close they were to the street?

    4.) If the story was so important, why didn’t he interview the students as they were walking accross the street. He had great shots, and the students were walking toward the camera.

    5.) Why did he spend the whole time arguing with the cop instead of working on the story?

    6.) Was his reason for being there to instigate the officer?

  10. Are Stations all across America talking about it? Like whom than? Also This Guy was wrong. He goes to a HIGH SCHOOL and has a gun. Doesn’t matter if he was on a public Side walk. He was stupid for bring it that near a school.

  11. “An Observer,” works for law enforcement. He logs on to exigi.com/fltv and TV.SPY’S Watercooler whenever Miami reporters get in trouble.

    Cops can do nothing wrong in his book.

    Don’t take this guy seriously.

    Trust me.

  12. police are not the law…. they are there to enforce it. to all you stupid people out there, you can not be arrested for a crime you have not commited. i am starting to realize america is full of nazi’s. wake up people!

  13. oh and one more thing, if the gun was concealed….. how did the police know. they must have magic super powers.

  14. i saw this story on a rival station and i got a good laugh out of it because of the irony…but why would bring a gun on school property of all places….i understand people threatened your life but at the same time thats a school and having a firearm around kids is never a good idea….


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