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Reed Cowan currently a reporter at KTVX ABC4 in Salt Lake City is coming to WSVN and assuming anchor duties. I guess he’ll be anchoring Saturday Edition of Today in Florida? Adam Williams anchored that newscast until he moved to WHDH in Boston.


  1. is someone other than adam williams leaving? maybe charles billi or tom haynes? i can’t imagine 7 bringing in someone older than 25 to simply anchor weekend mornings.

  2. This guy is from Salt Lake and he looks straight. I don’t think Ch7 allows straight white guys in the newsroom. When they find out he’ll surely get yanked off the air.

  3. I was thinking the same thing M. Then my mind went straight to Tom Haynes. He almost looks like him too.

    BobbieB: He looks straight?

  4. isn’t this guy alittle old for WSVN??? He must be trying to run from all the mormons up there.

    ADMIN- Wth is that meebone thingy?

  5. Hey, give the guy a break. You are all so caught up on gender. Who cares if he’s gay or straight. All I care about is whether or not he can project the news and get it straight. Guaranteed that he is not out of his 30’s. What is this talk about grey hair? Adam Williams is now in Boston which is a better market. Good for him. Let’s give this guy a chance.

  6. Give Reed a break…Yes, Reed is straight and he is not that old. (34), 5 years younger than Craig Stevens and eight years younger than Charles Billi.He is also married and sadly, lost his very young son recently in an accident. He left Salt Lake City to escape the pain/memories over the loss of his son and wanted a new start. Let’s all show a little compassion to this man and give him a chance.he is a very talented anchor and a very nice person.

  7. He seems to be humble. I can’t wait to see him on air. Fresh faces are always nice to see (: Welcome to Miami!

  8. Jillame and Sean: Well said. Let’s give this guy a chance. So what if he has grey hair. That doesn’t mean he’s old. I know people in their 20’s with grey hair. The word in the newsplex was that people couldn’t keep their eyes off of him, as he’s such a good looking guy. Welcome to South Florida Reed! Best of luck to you! I will looking out for you soon.

  9. A family man at WSVN?? Will wonders never cease?!?
    I hope that he is very successful. He seems to deserve a warm welcome.


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