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WFOR News Director is out?


According to two tipsters WFOR’s news director has left the station, no word whether it was voluntary or not.

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  1. She will be missed. Everyone at 4 loved her. She kept that place going strong. It will go back into the gutter now.

  2. everything they ever became was courtesy of shannon. didn’t like everything 4 did… but the reason they’re on the map is because of her. period. she’ll be missed… especially by those work work there.

  3. She was not loved by everyone. That is a lie. A flat out lie. The station went into the gutter with her. Does anyone look at the ratings? Past newsrooms (7) she has worked at cheered at her depature because she was an absolute bully (and a very unattractive one). She dropped one of South Florida’s best reporter Mike Kirsch under the bus and countless others.

    She was not the only reason Ch4 enjoyed more success than it had in the past. There were a lot of talented people, managers and increased budgets that changed things. To say it was her is a farce. Keep in mind the ratings might have gone up some with her at the helm, but they also went into the toilet under her.

    Her only skill up until the day she fired was to copy everything she learned at Ch7. That is why she was hired and it will be the only reason she ever gets another job. The ability to copy Ch7 is highly desired by some stations.

  4. BobbieB its pretty clear that you have never worked with,for Shannon or probably even met her.You are just part of the crew that enjoys bringing down someone you don’t even know or you probably have some bitter axe to grind.
    The truth is …
    The station went into the gutter with the last GM and now present management…everyone at Ch. 4 knows it. By the way she did not drop Mike Kirsch :present management did, she tried to save him ..please get your facts straight.
    Shannon is a class act, she will be very successful anywhere she goes…and many people will work for her again any day of the week. She will be missed greatly at Ch.4, she was a consistent competitor and made all the other stations uncomfortable when she was on her game…they just didn’t let her do her job the last couple of years with no support from CBS corporate and ridiculous consultant interference.
    She started at Ch.4 years ago when no one else would and built it into a place that competed everyday and where talented people wanted to come to work. That is an undeniable fact.

  5. well said “what?”

    was shannon tough? sure.
    but was she fair? absolutely. and she offered something you don’t see in managers very often… compassion.

    bobbi… it reads as though you’ve never met shannon.. one of the reasons she’s so good… is because she can do more than just “copy” 7. she learned their tricks while working there… and incorporated them into 4’s newscasts… but she also understands that good content… investigative, medical, consumer, local politics and issues.. must be included… stuff you don’t see very much on 7…

    and she’d be the first to acknowledge her success came as a result of a strong team… a team she picked and developed over time.

  6. Wasn’t Shannon the one that forced the breaking news about the MDPD’s chief’s son was arrested? and that turned out to be false? Wasn’t Shannon the one that got so out of control that she had to check with network before she could break into programming?

    They took her picture off the hall of fame pretty darn quickly….

  7. anon..
    Shannon trusted a source(reporter) and went with it and then took responsibility for it when it was wrong. not many managers do that these days .by the way, this happened once out of 9 years ?not a bad record i think.
    she was also responsible in leading a newsroom to win several Murrow awards for breaking news(while breaking into programming) and several other awards, and always gave credit where it was due.
    by the way her friends at the station gave her the picture for her to take with her…no one from management took it down.
    it’s amazing how people interpret things they don’t know,
    anyway ,she will be missed ch. 4 will always give her props.
    good luck shannon.

  8. nobody said the ratings were awesome at ch.4-
    shannon coupled with gutsy corporate management(not wimpy meddling and cost cutters)would have been their best bet.
    all the stations in the miami market have jockeyed for position at one time or another, alot of news and talent passes thru here.
    ch 10 is doing well now(they weren’t at one time)-they took risks ,spent some money and its paying off-kudos to them , well earned guys!
    ch. 7 always a great competitor no matter what anyone says and how much they are crirticized- they are consistent and always take advantage of opportunities.
    ch.6 trying to find themselves, doing some interesting stuff but
    they may need some better new on-air talent to give them a boost.
    don’t rule them out ,they are always in the game despite poor performing nbc.
    ch. 4 -came from so way back -kept their momentum for a while but lost something after Steve Mauldin left, shannon was trying to keep it going but did not have corporate support-now they are trying to be something they are not-no energy,no personality-they took any thing they had going and are blowing it- badly, who knows where they will end up?
    it’ll be interesting to see what the next 6 months will bring-
    i love miami news!

  9. bjones…

    It’s funny how these people give this ex-ND all the credit for their brief ratings success, but don’t blame her for the absolute collapse that started a long time ago. When she went there, 4 was at the very bottom so it wasn’t hard to improve on where they were in the ratings.

    I wonder if all these people on this blog also blame her for the absolutely mind numbing dreck 4 produces. Their news (not sure the word is appropriate here) is an assault to any thinking person with a 4th grade education. I would ask all to stop using the word journalism here. 4’s daily assault and violation of grade school grammar makes you wonder if any of the reporters or interns graduated high school.

    Hopefully, who ever has taken over will find some way to build some real credibility and end the idiotic news judgment that has been their hallmark. If they do, hell I might even try to tune in.

  10. looks like you tune in alot. LOL! management took over a while ago and as you’ve been watching, i don’t think they’ve noticed the bad grammar. do people with idiotic news judgement win murrow awards? i don’t think so. anyway,who will be the news director now? any ideas?will it be the assistant news director or will they bring someone else in?

  11. Yes, realist, stations that have reporters who cover hurricanes that freely admit on live on air that they aren’t sure what effect the moon has on the tides win Murrow Awards. They also win Emmys too.

    Yes realist, the stations that fabricate and report drug crimes by family members of local politicans win awards.

    Yes realist, the same stations that do news stories on their prime time programs and give us insightful reports about “Dangers on Your Doorknob” wins awards.

    And who hands out these awards of which you speak? The same people who do the germs on our doorknob stories.


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