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Julie Durda on 7


WSVN’s new weather girl Julie Durda made her debut early today on the morning newscast. She replaces Elita Loresca who moved to LA’s KNBC.

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  1. She’s beautiful! ‘Nuff Said! I also loved the very ‘divalicious’ movements that she would do, she would swing her hips to the side when saying “It’s going to be very COOL, this week.” Or something like that, I like her, she seems like a great asset to the WSVN crew, good luck to her!

  2. Just caught her on the noon news. WSVN’s eye for eye candy is right on as usual. She’s way more attractive than her KPHO bio pic. But she still must be on west coast time…she said “good morning” Christine and Diana at 12:35!

  3. She is very nice I was just surprised how good looking she really is. well I hope she lasts and not bolt somewhere else. Is she married or anything anyone know.

  4. Well I think she is very pretty, but that is it. WSVN sure likes the Elita look alikes. She has big shoes to fill in. I think it will take her time. But I think she needs to tone down the perkyness. Miami is so way not Arizona. Elita and the rest of the crew in the weather office seem more professional about the weather or I should say how they explain the weather. To me that is important. I like to understand what is affecting the weather correctly. I guess I am used to that from WSVN weather. Also, if you really listen to her speak, her explanations are not that good. At times they did not make sense. I think she needs someone to feed her information like Lisette Gonzalez from channel 4, if they haven’t done so already. Anyway, good luck!

  5. ARTQT, it’s not like anybody down here gets the forecast correct anyway. I’d rather get a bad forecast from someone who is hot, than get it wrong from Brian Norcross or anybody else.

  6. One thing I kept hearing was the clicker to change the screens. I hope someone who works there noticed and either moved her microphone or silenced the clicker.

  7. You know I’m just a measly salesman, but it seems to me when I make a mistake no one else knows about it. You poor folks in front of the cameras, any mistake and its viewed and critizied by everyone.

    I love Elita, but Julie is not bad. For heaven’s sake its her first week. I remember you all saying the same stuff about Elita when she started. “She’s no Jackie… blah blah blah” Lets give her a chance to grow and develop.

    Julie keep up the good work!

  8. Elita had a rough first week. Hurricanes all over the place and she took it like a trooper. Julie will get there in time. I have a feeling she will be gone back to California in 3 yrs too.

    • Apparently not, I think (and I could be wrong), it is past time for her contract to be up, which means she either re-signed or had a longer than 3 years contract to begin with. If the former, she is the first repeater WSVN weekday morning weatherbabe to re-up since I’ve lived here (12 years). Not sure how long Pamela Wright had been at WSVN when I arrived in mid-98, but she was gone by the fall, then it was a bunch of 3 and dones: Amy Murphy 1998-2001, Jackie 2001-2004, Elita 2004-2007 followed by Julie.

  9. You guys need to take it easy on Julie or as I call her “Jules”. Of course we all know she a “hottie”, but she is also doing a job. She did it well here out west and I’m sure she will do the same down south. She is actually a very nice and down to earth so quit prejudging someone you don’t even know. She is a very hard worker and is dedicated to what she does. It’s her first week, so give it a rest. In time you will appreciate her, just as you did your last weather lady! Jules, you go ahead and do your thing! Miss ya!

  10. I’ll start off by giving credit where it’s due. Julie is a very pretty girl. However, that’s it, she seems ignorant when delivering the weather. She doesn’t have the proper terminology. It is obvious that she has minimal weather background, if any at all.
    Furthermore, She’s very ditsy, It almost appears as if she’s on air “trying to pick up”, especially last week when she made a comment about it being a great day for boating and then said, “so come on by and pick me up”. Very unprofessional! Lastly, every other word out of her mouth is “folks”. Sure that sounds great if you live in Tennessee, but come on now, this is South Florida.

  11. Ya, she is ok looking but trying to carry on a conversation with her is like watching paint dry. Glad she does the mornings…just hope she never reports!!!!

  12. I will miss Julie dearly!!!!! Living in the Phoenix area, my morning ritual was watching Julie give weather and traffic reports before going to work. Good luck in Florida Julie, many of us in “The Valley Of The Sun” will miss you!!!!!!

  13. I read somewhere online that she is finishing her degree from Mississippi State. She’s probably doing the “online meteorology certificate”, which is not a degree at all. Oh well, if a market as big as Miami wants to hire someone with no degree, then why do other universities even do degrees? That may sound too ridiculous, but if you look online at Miss. State and compare to other universities, the requirements are very minimal. Well, I guess that is why Elita got the “Weather for Dummies” book (in her interview with FHM she said that).

  14. Shawn999….

    You know saying that the online degree is not a degree at all is something pretty ignorant to say and insentive. There are people with different situations that cannot afford to attend a university in person or much less be able to go due to other responsibilities. Online degrees are good for the average working person. My sister got her degree online and it was difficult. So before saying it is not a degree at all, you should try it sometime before insulting the people who do have to go that route to make something of themselves. Besides, some of the top meterologists in the country have received their degrees through an online program. Also, having a four year degree does not mean that you are going to be able to communicate to the average person the weather. Some of the most brillant meterologist cannot even get in front of a camera and give us our forecast. You are just jealous that you probably have a four year degree. I have a four year degree, but I would never insult the capacity of anyone who has attained their degree online.

  15. In addition, I might not like Julie but I would not insult her intelligence or the fact that she is getting her degree online because there is nothing wrong with that.

  16. I think it’s funny that the people on this site actually argue about someone’s education. And it’s even funnier that people take offense to things said about people they may not know (and I know someone will probably reply to this saying “Well I know Julie!”).

  17. I watch the morning news here KPHO Channel 5 in Phoenix every morning. I couldn’t stand seeing or having to listen to Julie every morning. SO GLAD SHE’S GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The morning news is so much more enjoyable, thanks for leaving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I used to watch Julie every day before going to work on KPHO, in Phoenix!! In my opinion, she did a great job!! Now she is doing something that she really wanted to do, which is weather. Keep up the good work!!

  19. If she wasn’t cute we would be talking about what an amateur she is. In fact if she wasn’t cute she wouldn’t have the job. It’s not as though 7 requires that you actually know what you are talking about. They test via focus groups for looks and appeal, but they don’t test for knowledge or meteorology.

    It’s like getting a weather report from a hot college sophomore studying communications. Another reason that Ch7 is news for the masses of the dumb and lazy.

  20. Jase

    “There are people with different situations that cannot afford to attend a university in person or much less be able to go due to other responsibilities.”


    I think it’s funny that the people on this site actually argue about someone’s education. And it’s even funnier that people take offense to things said about people they may not know (and I know someone will probably reply to this saying “Well I know Julie!”).

    Sounds like Julie, looks like Julie. It is Julie!!!

    Look at the bright side. I would never guess you could operate a computer!!

  21. Woe Telly. Lighten up Francis. Julie seemed to take the bull by the horns from her first appearance. By the way, whats your level of education Telly? Anyway, good job Julie and keep up the good work. I like your colorful outfits, and you look like a diva when on air.

  22. Nick wrote..”I like your colorful outfits, and you look like a diva when on air.”

    You prove my point about viewers (see above).

    As far as my education is concerned…I was home schooled by Dr. William Gray (don’t think, Google it).

  23. Dr. Gray is an icon. I also googled “Telly Savalas” if you are the one and only, you too are pretty impressive sir.
    “There will be snow showers in New um . . .New Mexico!. . .um I mean um. . .um New York tonight” –Julie Durda

  24. Ok..I cannot believe that wsvn hired someone without tropical storm experience. Poor Julie…she called that tropical wave so many different things. She really did not know what to do or say. Besides that I think that she needs to improve her meterological vocabulary. Some of the things she says can be insulting to sometone who is actually a meterologist or who care to know exactly what things are in relation to weather (Some people care about those details other than looks). So today and most of the time..she has been painful to watch. She needs to start making sense.

  25. Hmm, I saw what you saw and don’t recall the “wave” comment. As a certified Meteorologist (yes, online from Mississippi State), I can attest to how difficult it is. For most working professionals, it’s the only option available and most would KILL to have live professors with office hours to help them through thermodynamic equations (yes, calculus and high level algebra) and statistical climatology. I can spout temperature gradients, intertropical convergence zones and retrograding sub tropical cyclones at you all day long, but doesn’t a viewer really want to know what’s gonna happen when they step outside, in words they can understand? Give the woman a break. Oh, and let me know the next time YOU are up at 2 a.m. and smiling on a daily basis.

  26. Scott,
    By any means am I putting her knowledge down. A very close friend of mine is working on the very same degree through Mississippi State. It is very difficult. I am sure she knows her stuff, but if she wants to explain things in ways people can understand then she needs to do a bit more studying before going on air. One thing is being a meteorologist and the other is being one in front of the camera. Look at Phil…he has great explanations. So does Brent Cameron and Vivian Gonzalez. I believe she has reporting experience and none giving the weather on TV. This might have something to do with. And may I add that EVERYONE has their own opinion. Also, In response to your last comment, I get up around 3 a.m. to get ready for work and get some things done before leaving. I am a morning person so smiling is not a problem.

  27. If anybody doesn’t like the job Julie is doing, they can either change the channel or turn off the TV. She was mainly doing traffic in Phoenix and I really admire her for moving across the country to do full-time weather, which she really LOVES doing! Be patient with her and give her a chance. Keep up the great work Julie and have a wonderful 2008!

  28. As a fan of Jackie Johnson, Elita Loresca and the “assets” they brought to WSVN. I am now a fan of Julie and her unique assets. Like her rock hard abs! I can bounce a quarter off her stomach…if I ever got the chance. That and she is totally cute.

  29. I see a lot of comments about Julie, some good and a lot of them bad. All I can say is that I look foward to seeing the weather report with Julie and I hope she sticks around for a good while. WSVN got lucky in being able to get Julie, I wish it would of been at least a year ago.

  30. Julie, If You’re Reading Any Of These Comments. Ignore The Negative A-Holes. Keep Doing What Your Doing, I Liked WSVN Before You And Now I Love It; You Are Extremelly Hottt!!!

  31. This is a long time upset viewer. The reason why I say this is because what is important to me are two things in the morning: The traffic and weather. Elita Loresca was great and Vivian Gonzalez has the making of an Elita. What I mean by that is her professionalism and her information. Since Elita left wsvn, I was disappointed that Vivian Gonzalez did not get promoted to doing the morning weather during the week. For some of us that pay attention to detail it was the obvious choice. Well we got an Elita look alike in Julie Durda.

    Watching Ms. Durda is upsetting, because it is like the weather has become some entertainment show instead of giving the actual weather. Things I have noticed from Durda that upset me and it is not just me…my friends also notice: She must go over her time alot because her segments are longer than Mr. Ferro who is the chief, she has missed a segment before, she repeats too many things, says umprofessional words like yucky on air (how airhead like), she talks back to the viewers like if we are stupid or something and we haven’t heard her, when she gets stuck it takes her too much time to get out of it and becomes confusing, her clothing is horrible (I cannot believe she does not know how to match her clothing and wears her skirts all wrinkled), I mean who wears a wrinkled red skirt with a black and white stripped shirt and the same black sandles all the time. Her graphics need improvement, they are never centered correctly. She should not be allowed to go on air like this.

    I actually enjoyed watching the weather last Monday when Vivian Gonzalez filled in. I was like finally a good forecast that I can understand and trust and won’t be confused or lost in explaination. She is to the point and doesn’t talk too much. Besides that Vivian Gonzalez always has nice graphics and she started to do some neat graphics that day. Besides dressing very nicely always. All I know is that the weather after that day became some kind of competition. Durda tried to be up to par with Gonzalez and started to do the same graphics. When before we never saw her graphics centered or her doing nice things….What is this? Is it some kind of competition. Is Durda still in High School? All I know is that I don’t tune into Channel 7 in the mornings like I used to. I’ll watch Mr. Ferro, Mr. Cameron and Ms. Gonzalez in the weekends when they are on. Julie does not act or sound like a meteorologist or has the professionalism that the rest of the weather crew have and this should be of concern to them.

    Just an upset viewers opinion! Go Channel 4 and Lisette Gonzalez now!

  32. Vivian Gonzalez was/is a weather producer, it is her job to know the weather details and to do graphics. But she has to learn all the on-air delivery stuff on her own.

    Julie Durda is now getting her weather degree, and pobably working on her weather delivery.

    Lisette Gonzalez also doesn’t have a meteorology degree, I don’t think, but has better on-air delivery…

    Jackie Johnson was terrible when she arrived at WSVN but look at her now at KCAL!

    In time Julie Durda and Vivian Gonzalez should have noticeable improvements in the way they present the weather.

  33. All started with Jackie Johnson…wow..she was gorgeous. WSVN knows how to pick them…they are hand made to perfect beauty. Jackie even was selected by Playboy as sexiest weather girl but denied to pose….aawwwww… 🙂
    we never know whos next..heheh

  34. Reply to Miami Fan…we are all talking about her sexiness here..not clothing…i take it you must be a girl..to be noticing her mis-matches in clothing…

  35. Actually I am not. But I pay attention to detail. My wife does not go out in the street looking like Durda does on air. By the way, because I pay attention to detail it doesn’t mean I am a girl. You should becareful with the comment. As for the sexiness…I really don’t see it in her. That’s just me.

  36. Btw, I will not deny that Jackie was sexy. She always looked good…But I can’t say that for Elita or Julie.

  37. Guys I know Im going to offend you guys because you cant see past her sexy look (as you see many comments of the same thing) But she can’t talk, She needs to clear her throat… Does not pause at end of sentences. Just horrible..

  38. i thought it was just me..not the best speaker in the world definitly makes my face turn red cause i get embarrass’t for her..just show with good looks you could go anywhere in life…wsvn gotta realize but yet she stays…?????? i could think of a number of reasons why!! can you??? lol

  39. Weather reports in Miami are very overrated. Look outside and you will know whether or not it will rain. Most forcasters give the ole 50 % chance of showers, what s that is it a yes or a no. Since all we get are maybe’s in the industry why not have a hottie like Julie prance around giving us the b.s. She is the best eye candy on tv, always puts a smile on my face at 6 am.

  40. You all are nuts. julie is a great weathercaster. she is way better than stuttering brent cameron. she is easy to listen to and to watch. p.s. is her butt real?

  41. I have been watching channel 7 with Julie Durda since she came on board and at first I was very irritated with her swallowing to clear her thoat, but i have become use to it. Now I have noticed there is a change in her overall appearance for some time. All my household have commended on it every morning and lately we did notice she has stopped wearing her wedding band, maybe this is something to do with here dimished appearance. Our main concern is, is she alright. Good luck, Julie. She is well informed and appears to be very well spoked and kind. I conmend her for her charitable contribution to so many clauses.

    • Just noticed that (lack of wedding ring) this morning. I have a dinky 14″ SD TV at home, so I can’t see a lot of detail, but I saw earlier on the 20-something inch HD TV in the employee lounge here at work that Julie is indeed sans wedding ring. Sucks for her, she’s only been married about a year. Of course, it could be that the ring is undergoing some kind of maintenance at a jeweler, time will tell.

  42. She is the cutest meteorological girl in Channel 7. She seems to be a very intelligent girl………….besides her good looks.
    Wish you the very best Julie !! I like you very much.

  43. Its really ashame when men make comments about a Lady with out really knowing her. This is the reason why I choose my friends very carefully. Guys, I thought my son if you don’t have anything good to say about someone,weather you know them or not; dont say anything. I f you know them keep it to yourself. You start to sound like if you were back in grade school, just running your mouth. Maybe you try to get a date and was shot down. Mrs. Durda, I think you are a classy Lady and you always look great. I’m glad to see as much as I like Black, you are wearing brighter clothes. Dont get me wrong you look great in any thing. I must say I like the way you present yourself in public and on T.V. . H ave a wonderful day and don’t let these comments get to you.

  44. All you wana be critics, stop hating on the Lady. She went to college for that job. What cuz shes pretty college gave her a degreed? comon’ now! South Florida Loves You julie!!! Eddy in Carol City.

  45. Julie needs to clear her throat when she talks, its very irratating. Her clothes are too tight, very offensive to women viewers.

  46. I noticed that this week, Julie is sporting a ring. Can’t tell whether it’s an engagement ring or a wedding ring (she was off last Friday, maybe she eloped?! At any rate congrats. Hopefully, this will last longer than her last marriage (or even Kim Kardashian’s) 😀

  47. julie is one hot piece of ass…her maxim shoot is very hot…..i prefer vivian gonzalez thou…nice tits,and very nice ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I enjoy the way Julie presents the weather so much, that im wasting time to write this, like many of those who who have before me! good or bad, she has all our attention first thing in the morning!! : – P

  49. Julie is the reason I pay attention to the weather and watch channel 7. I love her personality, she is very well spoken and she is definitely very beautiful. I love all her outifts. Good job Julie and keep it up girl! Gratz on your recent marriage.

  50. Julie just announced on her FB page that she is leaving WSVN at the end of the year to pursue other opportunities. Now I will have no motivation to watch WSVN unless they find someone as hot to replace her.


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