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MSNBC.com Redesign Preview


The MSNBC.com web team is offering everyone a preview of the upcoming redesign. Unlike before when the changes were more subtle and cosmetic, this time MSNBC’s .com will be radically changed. Some of the new features include emphasis on multimedia – photo and video – different layouts for the top story section. Flexible section modules where users can select how many stories they want per section or none at all.

And for those of us not using Internet Explorer the new MSNBC.com will be more welcoming to alternative browsers such as Safari and Firefox.

Overall it looks much much better than the site now, and different than what’s already out there in terms of news sites. And miles apart from the local news hodge podge of organized clutter.
Local stations can learn a thing or two from these guys.

MSNBC.com – Interactive preview
MSNBC.com – Alpha Channel
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  1. Have you checked the redesign of WFOR’s website. Much cleaner, more graphics for stories, and the damn search feature actually works.

  2. The new site design is live now. The top stories section is really cool, as it changes with the type of story (picture, text, video, ext.) available. The fly out menu now has some transparency and is much better than the last.


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