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WFOR Morning Crew In A Wreck


According to a tipster WFOR reporter Rachel Aram and photog Brian Shannahan were in a wreck yesterday morning.

Both were in a Ford Explorer news truck that got side swiped by a car on 700 E Sunrise Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale. The news truck then crashed into a cement pole.

Rachel Aram had to be cut out of the car. Both were taken to Broward General – Brian Shannahan had minor injuries, Rachel Aram suffered injuries to her leg or foot.

The good news is that even though she is pregnant the baby is safe!


  1. Don’t be an ass, Burgundy. This is a South Florida media message board, and Rachel and Brian are members of that media. Brian is a friend of mine (he has many, he’s been shooting here for a while). I’m sure many people care about this “minor car wreck”.

  2. I definitely care. Brian Shanahan is a great person. I hope he feels better soon. Hey Ron Burgundy, why don’t you post your dumb ass comments on TV Spy and leave exigi.com for the South Florida TV market. What a loser.

  3. Brian has been released from the hospital and is now at home. Rachel had surgery to repair her ankle and was released Thursday. She’ll be in a wheelchair for some time, then in a walker. As it had been announced she was leaving WFOR at the end of November to get married, she likely won’t be on the air there again.

    Staffers report her baby is fine, and both are in good spirits, through Brian is grumbling about missing work.


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