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New Weather Girl on 4


Lisette Gonzalez is the new morning weather girl on CBS4 News and My33, she’s replacing Pamela Wright who left channel 4 recently. Gonzalez comes from KTLA where she was the weather guesser for KTLA Prime News and also hosted TraffiCast on the same station.

Her debut on WFOR was yesterday when she reported from Miami on CBS Fall Shows Preview (video link below)

She’s also a Miami native and if I’m not mistaken she was an intern at WSVN/Deco Drive and was featured as a Deco Drive Model Citizen, a segment that had something to do with her trying to break into singing. Don’t ask me why I remember that I have no idea.

Lisette Gonzalez CBS4 bio

Video CBS4 Fall Shows Preview reported by Lisette Gonzalez


  1. when she was in the miss america contest that year, she’s the one who answered the “what’s the one thing would you change about yourself” and her answer was “oh nothing.”

  2. lol..I knew Lissette. We went to high school together, had her in a few classes. She was always a sweet and friendly girl. And BEAUTIFUL. She was doing some off broadway plays in NY and around the country, but I cant recall their names now.

  3. Aren’t all meteoroligist’s down here ‘guessers’? As far as I’m concerned they NEVER get the weather predictions correct.

  4. Lizette Gonzalez was the main reason for me watching the 10:00 o’clock new in Los Angeles. And yes I agree her being beautiful did make a big difference. Thank you God for beautiful Latin Women.


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