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Danielle Knox Not Coming Back to WFOR


A reader noticed Danielle Knox’ bio is not on the CBS4 site anymore (actually it is but not linked on the main bio page) so the rumors she isn’t coming back from maternity leave have panned out.


  1. Seems to me that WFOR is falling apart. 3 anchor positions needed to fill, 3-4 reporters.. Im surpised that with us being in top 20 market place that a station would be acting like this.

    My guess is Brian Andrews will be the next to leave. He is a great reporter. I wonder how many people we will lose when ABC News starts there own 24 hour news station.

  2. ABC is not starting a 24 news station. They already have a digital channel “ABC News Now” that serves the purpose.

    Who knows where Brian Andrews will end up!

  3. If you noticed, David Sutta was reporting from Washington last night and Brian Andrews was no where to be found. I heard his desk was moved out of the middle of the newsroom last Friday too. My guess is he’s gone.

  4. ..not much of a 4 watcher, but I watched Danielle. attractive, classy, good delivery. Hmm..if that’s not a big loss, especially considering the shape 4 is in now, I don’t know what is. One things for sure,at least she’s not a caricature of an anchor..unlike her former AM co-anchor Jorge.

  5. “Seems to me that WFOR is falling apart. 3 anchor positions needed to fill, 3-4 reporters”
    When things change at a TV station it’s always gloom and doom and disaster with this crowd. People read too much into things. 4 was unusual in that it was very stable for a long time; TV is usually much more transient. Lots of people simply had a better job come up now, and that’s all. Maggie: CBS News, what more can you say. Jill Martin: Great job in NYC. Pamela Wright: She left TV altogether. Joy Purdy: wants to live in the same city as her husband. Yeah, some people won’t be coming back, but that’s just television. I looked at the biography page and counted 22 people with more than 5 years, and some with much more. Faces I grew up with here like Jim Berry, Eliott, Gary Nelson, Ileana, and Sunshine. That’s more than half the staff. And unless they are creating new jobs, the only reporter job which seems to be open is Mike Kirsch’s. Hiring 3-4 reporters would be expanding the staff, from my count of the cards on the people page. Anchors? Yeah. Beatriz, Knox, and Joy. Santiago is supposed to be leaving in the fall, her own decision. Life goes on.
    People who think FOR is a sinking ship need to look beyond what they think they know. My station just lost a really good photographer to them, and some of the new people look pretty good. They must know something y’all don’t! Rats don’t jump ‘on’ to a sinking ship.

  6. There does seem to be an unusual level of upheaval at FOR, I think we left out Maggie leaving and Rob’s “demotion” coupled with Eliot’s promotion. Tom Doerr, the new GM, was very successful at PLG, and brought Doug Dunbar to Dallas. Now he’s brought Shannon Horihere, and she seems first-rate. Danielle Knox was very good and easy on the eyes, which does matter no matter what we may say. FOR does still have a pretty deep bench, and I must give props for two very underrated folks who are still there: Ileana Varela and Yusila Ramirez. The Titanic in this market is TVJ. Jackie Nespral? Willard Shepard? That looks like a station with many first-rate parts, but someone running the show has no clue. The morning show is excellent, without camera hog Lonnie around, no matter what the ratings say. I bet Bob and Pam at 6 would give the competition a run for their money, but when you look back, Bob Mayer has had excellent chemistry with almost everyone he’s anchored with, starting with the indestructible Kelly Craig. Anyone remember Marianne Murciano? She was terrible till she sat next to Bob. And Pam was great at 7 when paired with Robb Hanrahan. Someone needs a new News Director and it isn’t FOR.

  7. I totally Agree with u CCC229

    TVJ is just HORRIBLE to watch it’s like the top executives don’t care about the news and a 7pm newstcast is not gonna help the station it needs a major overhaul from top to the bottom

    HAPPY NOW I AM on the SUBJECT instead of a different one ADMIN

  8. Diego-

    This is ADMIN’s blog and I wouldn’t cop an attitude with him. You are a GUEST in his home and I would suggest you behave accordingly.
    If you can’t, maybe you should show him and the other bloggers some respect and leave.

  9. from the fyi file

    pam was never teamed with robb at 7.
    he was teamed with lynn martinez on weekends, jessica aguirre weeknights, then demoated to weekends with craig stevens before he left for ny.

    and doerr isn’t the general manager. sean mcdonald is. doerr is the station manger… basically #2 man in the station.


    BOUNCE on

  11. Shame Danielle is leaving. When that really bad newscast at 10 began she was the nicest classiest person I’ve met. Unlike the “Angelina Jolie” of journalism (MY ASS!) who was very condecending to anyone who wasn’t in the news dept. clique. Danielle has a wonderful hubby and now 3 great kids. I wish her the best.

    So does this mean that the 10 could be on it’s death bed?

  12. Wow!

    Danielle Knox isn’t coming back? What’s happening at CBS4?

    Where is she going? I miss chemistry in the morning with Danielle, Angela, Pamela and on occasion Jason Wheeler.
    Jorge is fun watch and listen to most times and he’s pretty good, but I really liked it with those guys on together. Is there a follow up with what the four folks are doing these days?

  13. what Im curious about: is reporter gary nelson related to senator bill nelson? same name; they look alike.

  14. Could never understand why she was there, total fluff with very little credibility. It looks like the new management wants to get serious about news…about time.

  15. I agree with Ed’s comment regarding the chemistry with Danielle, Angela, George, and Pamela. This group was the perfect combination, and I miss the banter amongst the members of the news team in the mornings. What other news team has managed to inform the viewers of current events and throw in a bit of humor in between. The news is serious and most of the time down right depressing, this team lighten the mood and made you laugh.

  16. Danielle is welcome home to Vacaville, California anytime!!! She was an excellent athlete and a well spoken student. At our class reunion Danille was just as beautiful as in school 20 years ago! Keep up the good work Danielle. Thanks for being a positive mentor for our youth today.

  17. I have been wondering about Danielle Knox as well and I have not been watching channel 4 news because all I see now is Latino anchors. I have no problem what so ever against other races but I am always bothered when there’s no diversity in the anchors delivering the news. That is why I watch channel 10 news now.


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