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Rob Hanrahan Leaving; Jimmy Cefalo at WFOR?


Joan Fleischman confirms Rob Hanrahan will be leaving WFOR next month. When management moved him from anchor of the main newscasts to doing the Noon and 6pm some speculated that he’ll leave the station.

Also, Jimmy Cefalo auditioned for a news anchor job at WFOR last Saturday but if he gets the gig he’ll have to wait out a 6-month non-compete agreement from his WPLG contract

Miami Herald: Cefalo pursuing new gig at CBS 4

Note: All tipsters, thanks for sending the tips about this story, I wasn’t ignoring you just been very very busy.

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  1. If Cefalo goes to 4, it will be for the main job — Eliott’s — not Robb’s, I suspect. Eliott would probably be moved to Robb’s current job.

  2. Im sure Eliott is used to this by now. what is tis his 3rd, 4th switch b/w the main anchor job and the noon-5:30 (now6) job?

  3. I hope Cefalo does bump E-Rod off of CBS4. Then he cam move on to the job I always thought he was destined for–replacing fellow mushmouth Guillermo Benitez on Channel 23!

  4. Actually, David, the main anchors are doing 5 & 11. The secondary anchors are doing 6 & 10. The third string anchors are doing mornings & noon now. But you’re right, Eliott’s been shifted around a lot over the years.

  5. Last time I heard, I thought that Cefalo was going to be retiring, and he was going to end his television career, and concentrate with his wine cellar or whatever it is that he has, and he was going to be with his family. I guess he wants to put in a few more years before he finally retires.

  6. Actually, I’m dissapointed that CBS-4 dropped Rob Hanrahan as main anchor.

    I really thought he was a good fit for CBS-4.

    Losing Maggie was a big blow in itself. But she deserves being on the network. She is a class act.

    Don’t get me wrong… Elliot is doing a fine job in his place, and I have great respect for Elliot… but changing anchors and reporters at this magnitude is not always a smart move.


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