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Two Leaving WFOR


Jennifer Santiago will be leaving WFOR in October. According to the Miami Herald the station didn’t renew her contract. And for a while there were rumors she’s moving to LA.

Yusila Ramirez is resigning for job as a media relations assistant director at Florida International University.

Miami Herald – They’re signing off from WFOR

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  1. Is there any truth in the rumors I hear that one of the palm beach anchors (miranda kahn i think) is moving to wfor?

  2. Too bad Jennifer and Yusila are being let go.

    Two more individuals that helped make CBS-4 great.
    Again, bad decisions on behalf of upper management.
    I really thing their egos are interfering with logical tactics.

    The station’s dwindling ratings, will only get worse.

  3. i guess cbs4 had finally lost their minds…to let Jennifer go oh man but i guess since she lost her buddy Maggie it kinda helped in the decision…but i didnt know she was so famous cause she had her own wikipedia page and all…..good luck Jen..


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