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Vintage 7News from 1994


6:30pm open from 1994. Probably a little bit before the newsplex/globe open make over
Rob Hanrahan is now at WFOR, Jessica Aguirre just joined NBC11 in San Francisco from KGO, and Robin Meade is at CNN Headline News hosting Robin & Co

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  1. I love they’re intro that they had. They should do something like that today. That is really nice. Kinda nicer than what they have today!

  2. This was the last incarnation of the music package Chris Crane composed for them in 1991. They introduced this open sometime in January 1994, but with a slightly different tune, a lighter blue background, and without the “boom” at the very beginning (I have a Noon version of it buried somewhere in my tape collection). They altered it to this one (probably) by the end of February, and dropped it altogether when the Newsplex came around in late April.


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