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It’s Official: Shannon Hori Coming WFOR


Shannon Hori of KTVT the CBS affiliate in Dallas, TX is coming to WFOR, presumably assuming the role of main co-anchor. Before joining CBS11 in 2004 Hori worked at WESH Orlando for a number of years as the 5:30pm anchor.

Hori’s colleagues gave her a nice send off on Friday with colleague Doug Dunbar, formerly of WPLG, making a surprise showing on set with a big cake.

CBS11tv.com – Shannon Hori Bids Farewell To Dallas-Fort Worth

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  1. I really dont see how she would get the nod over Beatrice. From what little I saw of her, she has nothing on Beatrice from beauty to presence to talent. Just my opinion. I would feel bad if I were Beatrice. Perhaps she will be the next to jump to WPLG.

    Is WTVJ still on the air. Just checking. They need somebody like Beatrice over there.

  2. Julia is great but Jackie and Tony are sorry. Tony shouts to much. It seems to me that he and Jackie try to see who can shout the loudest.

  3. Too many bosses keep recycling the same people they’ve worked with before instead of finding truly good, smart people with roots here and paying them what they’re worth.

  4. I don’t know who this new woman is, but Ch4’s problem is credibilty. That can’t be bought are shipped in via a new anchor. Whether or not you like Ch10, they have people like Dwight who have credibilty. They stuck with him through the ups and downs in the ratings and it’s paid off. 4 is like most news stations that values a formula instead of its people. They have been in a constant rotation of bubbleheaded babes with breast implants. That works in porn and men’s magazines but really doesn’t work in news. Take Bob Schiefer with CBS News. He was an old weathered guy, but when he took the anchor chair the ratings went up. Meanwhile, cute little Katie C. can’t scare up any viewers. Anyone remember Ann Bishop? She looked like hell warmed over, but she had credibility. It makes you wonder how clueless the people who run these stations are.

  5. I think there are more “bubbleheaded babes with implants” at WSVN. MOST of the women at WFOR are real. Beatriz’s knockers are real. Regardless, Canals was the better pick.

  6. I am just old enough to recall the great late Annie Bishop. The guys at 10 kept promoting her, demoting her, but they kept coming back to her and when they made up their minds to stick with her…well, in this market’s history there’s Renick and then there’s Bishop. She stuck by Dwight and by God, isn’t he the one who knows this town best? Putney isn’t an anchor but his frame of reference is irreplaceable. Laurie Jennings could just sit there and be…stunning…but as it happens, she is not an empty shell either. Scary fact…Dwight, Ann, Laurie…ALL worked at 7 at one time. There is hope…for now, I’d just kill to get the old WAMI crew back.

  7. It seems everyone is ready to throw in the towel on Canals. With Joy leaving, it’s very possible Hori is her replacement. I highly doubt Beatriz is out of the picture for the main chair for now, she has been a Miami staple for years. Until an official announcement from FOR—we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

  8. WAMI ??? Now, that’s a blast from the past. I loved “The Times”. It was more San Francisco sensibility than South Florida but at least unique. Right Show. Wrong Station.. I should know I worked there.

  9. uh, when was ann every demoted… she got there… did weekends… then did the 5, 6, 11 for ages.. until she scaled back… first dropped the 11.. then the 6… and did the 5 until she retired.

    and laurie… knockout absolutely… but she’s no ann…

    i’m with you though… SOME of the wami gang… would be great to see them back…

  10. Hey NEWS, thanks for the correction. It is good to know there are still some real knockers still kicking around out there. However, this is Miami and statistically speaking there have to be some implants going on there. But don’t get so fixated on breasts (I’ll do that). I was making a broader point.

  11. ccc and Chris, I enjoyed “The Times” on WAMI also. That got started around the time I aarived in So. Florida in mid-1998. Amy Atkins was a total hottie (I knew of her when she was a reporter for KTTV FOX 11 in L. A. in the early 90s). Wonder whatever became of her. Lisa Cabrera wasn’t too shabby either, she of course later went to CBS4 after WAMI converted to espanol, last I heard, she’s in NYC, I forget which station.

  12. Newsman,

    Shannon is so not leaving mornings in Dallas to be Joy’s replacement doing mornings in Miami. I seriously doubt she’s coming here to even replace Jen Santiago anymore. She’s got to be coming to replace Maggie.

  13. But why would they give her the anchor position over Beatriz. Beatriz is better, hotter, more polished, and from here. Miami wants their own! Not this chick. I mean, I’m sure she’s nice and good, but she cannot be better than Beatriz. I’m hoping she’s coming to fill Jennifer Santiago’s spot.

  14. Murrow,
    Correct me if I am wrong, but Joy did the noon and 6:00P. If Hori did mornings in Dallas, coming to FOR to do the shows Joy did makes perfect sense. Once again, we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

  15. Murrow is right on the money about Shannon coming to FOR to replace Maggie and only Maggie. This deal has been in the works for months. Tom Doerr, station manager at FOR, worked with Shannon in Dallas. Shannon would def not leave Dallas to take a second tier position at FOR. Granted, her husband is here in Florida,(Orlando), but the main reason she left WESH in Orlando several years back is she felt she would never get a main anchor position there.
    Shannon would be a great fit at FOR, she is quite polished and a pleasure to deal with. Now if only FOR would can Elliot Rodriguez! This guy has the on air persona of a door mat. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Doug Dunbar come back from Dallas to anchor with Shannon. It could happen,after all..Tom Doerr in the end will want his own people with proven track records.

  16. Old enough to remember the late Ann Bishop.
    She came from the traditon of news, not drama/beauty queen bs.
    She was the authority when WPLG owned the market.
    News today is all about pouty lips and mammoth knockers.
    Thank you WSVN and FNC.
    That’s why the numbers keep constantly going down for all newscasts.
    Other than for small brained, large —- imbecilic boys.

  17. Newzimom , I agree with you. We should all have crew cuts…. toss the cell phones and computers and go back to men being men and women, women. Heck 3 channels on TV wouldn’t be that bad either.

    Beautiful brainless women should stay home, barefoot and preagnant.

  18. Bobbie. Great article.

    In my opinion, the “regulars” on this blog need to continue to share different articles. Bobbie, I find it interesting that the article points out, “Despite lower ratings and higher expenses, local news continues to generate big bucks.”

    I don’t understand. Why don’t the advertisers choose a different medium? Why advertise if the viewership is drastically declining? Just wondering…

  19. miamiwatcher, here is how it works…caution long explanation!

    In advertising, broadcast TV is still the leader in reaching the most eyeballs. When you you look at local cable vs. local broadcast, their is no comparison in the number of viewers. For instance Ch4 may get 60,000 or 70,000 eyeballs for a newscast while ESPN on local cable may have only a fews thousand at best. The car dealers and other businesses in South Fla or anywhere else know this and it gives them the most bang for their ad bucks.

    The reason why all the statons and networks consolidated like, WFOR and My33 and WTVJ and CW, is because they can produce profitable local news with one newsroom and not two. They can also offer advertisers ad packages on both networks to reach even more eyeballs. In the old days they could do one newscast on one station and they could print cash. Then the viewers began to flee. This is why all the networks have consolidated. Keep in mind local news is cheap to produce. It’s far cheaper than a say a buying a leading syndicated program which stations make less money on.

    The net of it is that we as viewers get less choice, faux newscasts on sister networks and newsroom managers who cut costs at every corner, including on talent. That’s why we ridicule all the bimbos and know nothings on local news because they are cheap hires. TV decision makers simplstic and desperate response is to put a cute gal with huge implants to try and get any viewer they can. Building a lasting hard news operation with real journalists is hard to do when you are desperatly grabbing at every eyeball and fraction of a rating point from clicking the remote.

    The question becomes what will local news do next as it loses it viewership on shows less people care about? There is no more consolidating and merging that they can do. They are stuck in a bad business model.

    My view is that viewers and listeners will always go where there is good content. Viewers have long been telling local news broadcasters the content is no good, but TV managers don’t get it. They blame the Internet, video games, iPods, and new media and on and on. But they’re wrong. One of the fasteset growing mediums with huge audiences is good old fashioned low tech AM talk radio. They are producing content a lot people like and have huge ratings.

    Hope that explains it!

  20. It’s definately and older demo, no doubt, but my point was about content. TV news keeps trying to sell to young people who never have and never will watch local news no matter how much it is dumbed down.

  21. Thanks for the thorough explanation Bobbie.

    In sum, I gather local news will survive like AM talk radio, as long as viewers like the content. Maybe that’s why WPLG is doing so well? The don’t have a 5 or 5:30. Therefore they can focus on news stories that are of “quality,” and not “quantity?”

  22. miamiwatcher,

    WPLG is definately the best station right now, because of their quality. WFOR not so much. I hope this new anchor helps, but I’m not holding my breathe.

  23. What are they thinking? WSVN made the mistake of not promoting Canals and WFOR scouped her up, to pass her by now. 4 was not the one to watch until she came over, now they will have as many viewers as 33 (none). It is incredible that they did not give the main anchor to the home town girl, which by the way is beautiful, talented and professional. Hori is no comparison. The only benefit is that she is making Eliot look good.

  24. You nimrods. Most of you have crusified this girl before she even got there. Shannon has mocksie. She is a real reporter with a real audience in D/FW. If it doesn’t work out for her in “Lil’ Cuba it will be because of your attitudes not her skills. You guys are lucky to have her. Where’s your manners?

  25. You all need to just relax, with shannon hori coming , she will only add to the class that is at that station. Shes very refined and very pretty to look at in the mornings. I miss her dearly and have no reason to watch chanel 11 in dallas ever again. I don’t know why she left but im so sad she did. With her and julia bologna, together made a quite beautiful team to watch. You all will just fall in love with her the way i did. Seriously, she has a lot of class and carries herself very very well. What a gem you all have aquired. Give her a chance, i guarentee you will see what i mean.


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