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WPLG Meteorologist Scott Padgett Leaves for KTVT

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WPLG Local10 News Meteorologist Scott PadgettWPLG meteorologist Scott Padgett is leaving the station for KTVT, the CBS-owned affiliate (and sister station to WFOR) in Dallas, according to an announcement today by KTVT. He will be the weekday morning meteorologist from 4:30am to 7am, and he would also be close to his family who lives in the Dallas area.

Scott Padgett’s departure shouldn’t be much of a surprise. SFLTV predicted it would happen when WPLG re-assigned Padgett to weekend mornings in April, something viewers haven’t quite gotten over three months later, judging by the amount of comments we get at SFLTV almost every day. WPLG allegedly removed the ‘Posts By Others’ section from their Facebook page after getting flooded with comments from irate viewers venting about .

Scott Padgett joined WPLG as weekday morning meteorologist in 2008 from the FOX affiliate in Oklahoma City. His first day on the air at KTVT is September 16th, and I hear his last day at WPLG is sometime around mid to late August. WPLG hired Roland Steadham to take over for him.

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  1. Humiliated in the name of diversity. Demoted just because he is white to bring in a black women. Can’t blame the guy for being pissed off and wanting to leave. All their recent hires consist of women that iron their hair, bleach their teeth, and read a teleprompter. A far cry from a journalist.
    They deserve their recent ratings. The management there has lost touch with their long time viewers.

  2. WPLG has done the same thing to Trent Aric. Scott was a very good weatherman and I liked his delivery. I hope they put Trent back into the evening weather and move Betty down the line.

  3. Betty last night didn’t know that the city in the Florida Panhandle was Pensacola and had to squint at the monitor to try and read the name off the screen. lol.

    • Someone really needs to do a blooper reel on this woman. It wouldn’t be hard. She fumbles in a major way at least twice every night. Hard to imagine the station now has two former, major market chief meteorologists (Aric and Steadham) AND Max Mayfield and they have decided to keep Davis in the prime slot (not with a chief met title, mind you). What a travesty.

  4. While a small group of people have carried on about recent changes, WPLG is implementing a long term plan to build ratings. When Megan left, the morning show fluctuated between 1st and 2nd in ratings. Ratings progressively declined and by the end of 2012, WPLG was the least watched morning show. There’s no denying the fact that Scott has some loyal fans, but he doesn’t have the broad appeal that Julie brings to the show. Like it or not, she is among the most popular television personalities in South Florida.

    • I remember a time when the news staff was referred to as journalists, not personalities. If I want to watch 7 style news, I’ll watch the real deal from the plex, not a 7 wannabe.

      Julie needs to work on her broadcast voice projection. She certainly has the lungs for it. She has a soft, little mousy voice.

  5. I like Ch.10 in the morning but it would be better if Constance was anchor and MJ doing the traffic.I like the chemistry between Jason and Constance. I love Betty Davis she brings a lot of personality in the evening. Especially last night when she could not see Pensacola with the green and yellow radar making you not to see the name. It was funny! lol

  6. will miss scott, he was great!!! i have been a loyal fan of local 10 since the ann bishop glen rinker days and although change is sometimes needed (and i am 48 years old and understand change)
    to many changes dont make sense. channel 10 should put trent aric back as their cheif meterologist at 6.00 and 11.00 and maybe bettey davis which i like at 5.00 and 5.30pm

  7. WPLG is doing themselves in one personality screw at a time. Betty came in from the Weather Channel and is far from talent. Funny how Michael Smith is now on the Weather Channel. Bet Dave and his crew at WPLG must be scrathing their heads. Oh wait – the reason for Betty was based on a survey. Michael wasn’t ethnic enough, nor a female.

    Scott is going, and landing on his feet. The only reason the guys like Julie is her looks. That isn’t getting the ratings.

    What next? Will Trent leave? I hope so. He doesn’t deserve the kick in the rear Dave and his club has given him.

    No matter, Karma will have its day with PLG. They’re trying to be something their not – and it won’t succeed.

    Dave and his crew need to be the ones out – they lack the talent that they’re getting rid of.

  8. Wish Scott well.
    If you are reading this….We will miss the wing tip shoes. lol

    Other remarks re PLG talent and Mgmt….humorous dialogue at best.

  9. Scott will truly be missed–He has such a great smile and attitude.I wish the Channel would acknowledge that he is leaving and wish him well. It’s at least good that he has family nearby. Also Doug Dunbar, he did a good job whille in area also. GOOD LUCK SCOTT WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Every last one of you need to get a life! Grant it Trent Aric/Scott pagett are the best at their jobs that i have seen in a long time. You really haven’t a clue of what the inside circumstances maybe. You’re on the outside looking in. It’s a sad,sad day when it seems judgement day has arrived a little early!


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