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Exclusive: Roland Steadham Hired by WPLG

WPLG Local 10 News

WPLG have hired former WTVJ chief meteorologist Roland Steadham. No details yet on what role he’ll assume at Local 10 (little doubt he’s their new chief), but it is a surprise move that is causing a bit of buzz among local newsers.

Which brings yet more change for WPLG’s weather team, which has been in a relative flux since new Post-Newsweek boss Emily Barr decided to step in and make changes in April of this year. Former WPLG chief meteorologist Trent Aric, along with Scott Padgett got bounced to weekends, and replaced by Betty Davis who despite what some people think was not given the chief meteorologist title. And with Steadham’s arrival she will probably get moved to a different slot somewhere.

On the flip side, Roland Steadham has a healthy bit of history with the Miami television market. He was the chief meteorologist at WSVN for three years before jumping ship to WTVJ in 1995. Ten years later Steadham left WTVJ NBC6 in 2005 to join Salt Lake City CBS affiliate KUTV as their chief meteorologist. He was there for four years, then moved to rival KTVX until he was let go in 2012.




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  1. GREAT NEWS (FINALLY) FROM WPLG’S WEATHER DEPARTMENT! Roland is definitely a move in the right direction for Local 10 ever since they did the wrongs moves by sending Scott and Trent to weekends, Betty to weeknights, and hiring Julie for mornings.

    I think (unfortunately) that this may mean the end of Trent or Scott’s career with WPLG. They will probably make room for Roland by ending their contracts for these two great guys, because I really doubt they are going to get rid of Betty or Julie so quickly.

    I predict Roland will be weeknights, Julie on weekday mornings, Betty to weekend nights, and Scott or Trent on weekend mornings.

    Do we know when this change is taking place?

  2. I think Roland is replacing Trent on the weekends. Trent has not been himself since his demotion at Ch.10. Betty Davis has done a great job in the weeknight slot. So I think they will keep Scott but Trent is leaving?

  3. What a joke! Essentially trading Trent for Roland? Three steps backward. Next, they’ll be hiring Michael Williams. Bring out the no-doze. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What drugs is Emily Barr on? How long is Trent’s contract for? It’s going to cost PNS money just to buy out Trent’s contract.

  4. Who is leaving Scott or Trent?
    Dave Boylan, WPLG vice president and general manager, told TVSpy, “We air nine hours of weekend morning news; 4.5 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. Plus our weekend morning news ratings are some of the highest ratings for any newscast during the week on any local station. That makes it an important role for a meteorologist at our station.”

  5. He was on top when he left Miami so if he is half the meteorologist now
    he is still so far superior to any talent they have. I can see he and
    Betty splitting duties but it is getting a little crowded in the weather tent at 10. WPLG really needs the credibility.

  6. Finally! A good meteorologist has returned to South Florida and his name is Roland. (Just like my name.)

    He will help bump Channel 10 in the ratings.

    I’m sorry, but Emily Barr made WPLG for the worse. Either she changes the station now or she would get fired or replaced.

  7. After screwing Trent and Scott…..If they give Roland a weekday spot over one of the two, I will start a boycott of WPLG. I hope their ratings fall right in the toilet.

    Dave and his fellow managment goonies are some really messed up people. They need their rear-ends terminated

  8. Scott Padget is going to Dallas August 1st. So sad…to be replaced by that boring Roland Steadham. I hate this station now. They have idea how to treat talent.

    • He acted and said some strange things from time to time and if he continues that behavior in
      Dallas they will have him for breakfast. It is a rugged macho town let their be no doubt.

      • Hey SportsFreak, you have accusations about things said, what are they? Show how “Macho” you are and substantiate your drivel.

        Rugged Macho town? That’s a laugh. Dull and dry won’t cut it. Scott will be just fine.

        WPLG is going to fall right off the radar.

    • Roland will be a welcome addition to our choice of on-air weather people. Enough of the beauty pageant crap. That morning show is such a train wreck.

    • Scott is going to Dallas? Well that sucks. It was a pleasure to watch him on the weekday mornings before they replaced him with that Durda chick. Scott was always bright and vivacious and most importantly, clearly explained what was going on with the weather. It makes no sense that he was replaced, and he is sorely missed. (And Trent too, for that matter.) I’m not watching that station anymore.

  9. Roland is the same, boring person that John Morales is at WTVJ NBC Miami. Boring,milquetoast white or nearly white guys. Between Scott, Trent and Betty AND Michael Smith, Channel 10 had all the talent any station needed until Emily “Bulldykker” had to go and bring in her big tittie girls. AND the boring white men no one will ever watch.

  10. “Betty Davis who despite what some people think was not given the chief meteorologist title”??!! Your blog issued this incorrect information in the first place so that is why some people were led to believe that Ms. Davis was promoted!

  11. Watching Roland is like watching paint dry. Watching Betty isn’t much better. Julie? Well, she’s looking a little worn since coming back.

    10 has dealt itself a slow death. Can’t see much that will revive that dog and pony show

    • I only watch WPLG on Saturday/Sunday nights when Trent Aric is available. omg….to be able to listen to intelligent and informative weather news portrayed in a professional and interesting manner …other than that I am done with “local 10” and it’s clowns

      • The transition from intelligent, professional news and weather to the tight, clubbing dressed, giggly women has been extremely frustrating. Roland is intelligent but just isn’t as engaging as Trent or Scott were. Being the parent of a teenage daughter, I stress that selling sex over intelligence is wrong and inappropriate, yet that is exactly what this station seems to be doing. What happened to professional attire? Is it absolutely necessary to wear skin tight clothing to present the news? Funny, the national news programs seem to be very successful based on a professional platform. Whoever is making these programming decisions needs to seriously reconsider these poor decisions. If I wanted to watch “sensational seven” news, I would be watching channel 7 news. I will not be watching channel 10 any longer.

  12. To : Roland Stedham
    Very happy to have you back in Miami. I watched you for years on channel 4 and was sorry to see you leave ( for cold country ) You are great on the week-end early morning show. You also get along so well with your co-workers that it is a pleasure to watch channel 10 on the week-ends. Of course your knowledge and experience are evident and your great personality just adds to you being an asset to channel 10. WELCOME BACK TO MIAMI ROLAND…..

    • Knowledge and experience? Great personality? Get real. Roland said yesterday to expect a “dry” day and we got blasted with a downpour that delivered almost two inches of rain and flooding. Channel 10 is a joke. I really miss Scott and have mostly been tuning to NBC 6 for weekday / weekend news & weather . . . they are much more accurate and professional.

      • totally agree …. and cutting back Trent is insanity …. the only good thing about all this is that I too discovered NBC again

  13. Just saw Roland for the 1st time this morning on Ch10. Didn’t know he was back, and after the disparaging remarks he made about South Fla upon his departure about 7 or 8 years ago, I’m surprised he is back. Made it just in time for the LDS Temple opening I guess he is going to be some big-wig at the new Moron…..oops….Mormon Temple in Ft. Lauderdale ?

  14. Roland is great! I’ve been watching him since he was with Bob Dale in San Diego. Always a Pro. Seems like he has been following me all over the country – San Diego, Miami, Salt Lake City and back to Miami (P. Pines). I remember when he covered the blizzard in the Laguna Mountains, and the clicker laugh attack at Ch. 7, and a lot in between. I’m glad you are back, Roland, but if I see you at the gym or the ward, I know you are following me. 🙂

  15. Channel 10 has gone down the drain. Dwight Lauderdale must cringe when or if he sees his former stations newscast. I have watched channel 10 for over 30 years since the days of Ann Bishop. No more. What a joke. They are turning it into another channel “only on 7”.


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