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Scott Padgett Signs Off

WPLG Local 10 News

WPLG Local10 News Meteorologist Scott PadgettWPLG meteorologist Scott Padgett signed off from WPLG for the last time on Sunday. He left a note to South Florida viewers on his Facebook page thanking the for the support. Among the 168+ comments as of this writing, SFLTV also a saw couple of Scott’s now former competitors chime in to wish him well – Trina Robinson from WTVJ, and WSVN morning meteorologist Vivian Gonzalez. WPLG general manager Dave Boylan did too, as well as Local10.com managing editor Barb Besteni.

WPLG meteorologist Scott Padgett farewell

As SFLTV reported last month, Scott Padgett is moving to the CBS-owned affiliate in Dallas, KTVT. He will be the station’s weekday morning meteorologist. Roland Steadham will take over for Scott starting next weekend.

Hello friends. So the day is here where I have my final broadcast at WPLG. When I was in high school, I knew before I graduated that I wanted to be a meteorologist. In college, I decided that I wanted to live and work in Miami, FL. That dream became my reality in April of 2008. Now a little more than five years later my time in SFL is coming to a close. I want to thank you for allowing my into your home many years ago and giving me a chance. Through time you allowed me my mistakes but more importantly allowed a trust and bond to grow. Your support during these years has been truly a gift and I thank you for your kind words of encouragement, funny stories and tasty treats. Waking up at O’ dark hundred is tough but knowing that there are great viewers like you on the other side of the screen made that wake up a bit more easy.

I wish you nothing but the best today and always. I wish you days of sunshine for you and your loved ones. Remember that even on your darkest days, where the world seems cloudy, that the sun is always shining and you just have to wait for that storm to pass.

Thank you again for your trust and support.
All my best,

Scott Padgett Weather

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  1. Really sad to see him go! WPLG has really messed up big time to demote Scott and Trent. Their ratings will soon show what a big mistake they have made. Good luck to Scott!

  2. How wrong they were at 10. Blaming their top weather talent for their dismal ratings is a joke.
    Demoting and humiliating those good men all in the name of a big boobed ex cheerleader and a black girl says it all. The reason their ratings are heading south is because they are more interested in getting Beyonce.s new hair color right than properly pronouncing the names of the players for our four major sports teams and then laugh about it. Without one white male anchor during the weekday newscast they have become an all girls giggle club. That station treats our
    Dolphins like an after thought and we are all now wise to it. They will pay dearly in ratings.

  3. I know for a fact their ratings will suffer. How do I know? I’m one of those people whose home is hooked up to Nielsen. And since Scott is gone, I no longer tune into the morning show. And, I rarely bother to tune into the PM news anymore either. I’m sure I will when a hurricane is brewing, but other than that, I no longer need WPLG

  4. I appreciate Post Newsweek Stations for hiring more diversity in this market. There is an empty hole in television news in regards of people of color. Channel 4 just recently promoted Summer Knowles as 3rd Anchor for their morning news. Betty Davis is very good and accurate. It’s sad to see that most folks on here just want the white or latino man being the “Chief Meteorologist” on their favorite station. Everyone is fine with Julie Durda being on their but everyone has an issue with Betty Davis being on weeknights. I’m a white male that watches WPLG for years. My family and friends enjoys her forecasting. The lady is not dumb at all and besides her skin color she was promoted for a reason.

    • Old “preferences” die hard don’t they ONEMIAMI?
      Good point of view. (o:

      Being Asian, I do shake my head at some of the comments geared towards PLG (Haitian Station), Betty (black this black that)…or women in general. I am positive if one has derogative remarks towards women and blacks, they will certainly share the same sentiment towards Asians et al.
      But remember….most of these “intelligent” remarks you see here are coming from insiders at PLG or competing stations…not the viewing base.

      I do not think Betty was promoted due to her ethnicity….I do believe her Q rating is very high compared to others coupled with her credentials….making the decision easy.
      Low Q ratings plus high salary = unemployment in this line of work.
      Mgmt cannot justify high salaries if the viewing public has no clue who you are.
      **This theory is substantiated by recent firings at competing stations here in S FL.

      On air talent wants to be synonymous with the station they work for.
      Example….when you think WPLG back in the day….you immediately think of Dwight Lauderdale (and others). That is what a lot of on-air talent strive for these days. If you can resonate with market, drive ratings/revenue…and be on air with the same station for over 20 years, subsequently retiring from that station…..consider yourself lucky.

      These days, Mgmt at 2nd/3rd/4th placed stations will continue to shuffle talent until they find something that helps brand and increases market share….
      ( side note: on air talent that constantly need ego’s stroked or have betrayed the trust of leadership get shuffled out too)
      Hot one minute….cold the next is what I say.

      My parting advice….enjoy it while it lasts.

  5. I am a meteorology fanatic. I have stopped watching channel 10 since they demoted Scott and Trent. No female derogatory remarks or anti black, that has nothing to do with my displeasure. You replaced fantastic meteorologists with others. It appears that WPLG wants to be WSVN. Don’t know why, but I’m gone! Been watching ABC local news as long as I can remember. Too bad!

      • To speak for myself, I am not affiliated with any of the TV stations, nor have I ever been. I am a viewer who tries to watch the local news often.

        I have posted a few times about my dislike for Betty Davis. To again speak for myself, this has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a young, black, female. I actually feel diversity is great on TV and it’s 100% necessary in a community like Miami.

        My issues have to do with her delivery which I find sloppy, awkward and amateurish. She stumbles ALL THE TIME with her words and with her remote which is highly distracting.

        I am also in the camp that WPLG had a really good weather team in place before they gave her the primetime spot. If you are going to move people around, make sure the new people are worth it.

    • Exactly. Has nothing to do with race or sex. It is about firing and demoted competent professionals in the prime of their life and treated like scapegoats for channel 10’s dismal ratings. It is like replacing the coach when it is actually the quarterback that is losing the games. They might even have a basis for a law suit against WPLG.

  6. Different Mark here with a few thoughts/questions…

    I believe Betty to be a smart woman, but agree with criticism of her delivery and will add that I find her odd body movements moderately irritating (stomping instead of stepping, kicking her leg back, and abrupt hand gestures to name a few).

    How long is Trent going to hang around? He is a sharp guy and his delivery is about as good as it gets. Maybe he’s enjoying the “chief” salary with a significantly reduced workload?

    The morning crew is developing a great chemistry, and Julie is the perfect blend of “10” and “7” and, of course, she is a 10! I like everything about her delivery.

    Max is the man that everyone trusts, but with little tropical activity over the last few years, I wonder if 10 is getting the bang for their buck? That has to be a hefty salary …

    Scott seems to have landed on his feet, but he’ll have to lose the trendy shoes and man up in Dallas.

    Roland came out of nowhere and like others I don’t believe he was hired for weekend mornings. Makes me wonder how secure Betty’s weeknight gig is?

    • Dallas is not as manly as you would think. lol.

      I imagine that Trent has a nice contract and will continue to do what he’s doing until he finds a good situation for himself. I think he is good at what he does and will come out ok. I think that Roland is there as an insurance policy who can step in if someone leaves or if they flop.

      From my observation, Betty seems to be settling in and her presentation has improved a lot from when she first took over the weeknight slot. I don’t see the awkward body movements that were there before.

      Julie is ok, but she needs to lose the soft, mousy voice and project her voice better. She certainly has the lungs for it.

  7. Viewer here…

    Wish u the best Scott.

    Durda and Betty….big fan of both and why I, plus others, tune in.

    Max is retiring is my guesz. Enter Roland..

  8. Scott will be truly missed. But like Michael, he will land and do very well.

    People need to understand that those of us who don’t like Betty has nothing to do with her gender or color. She just doesn’t seem to have the delivery that Scott, Michael and Trent have/had. Julie is a favorite of the guys because of her chest…….just being honest. To be honest, I didn’t care for her on 7 either. Her leaving allowed Vivian to go full time mornings and is doing an awesome job! She’s a sweet lady in person and has great TV presence.

    It was funny to read Dave Boylan’s post to Scott, considering he’s the one who forced Scott to make this change in his career. But as Karma has it, Dave too is on his way out.

    Scott will be just fine! We ALL wish him well!

  9. We will miss you Scott. You and Trent were the best. Don’t like the new guys on the block. Guess I will be looking for a new station. 10 was my only station but now I am not sure. You will be missed.

  10. I was so happy when Scott can on 10. I’ve been following Scott’s demotion and emailing him and 10 since it started and found out there was a change in management. It was so depressing to me because not only was Scott the best meteorologist, he was great eye candy. I just found out today because I missed the weekend signoff. Dallas is so lucky and 10 has lost me as a news and weather viewer.


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