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WSVN Reporter Derek Hayward Resigns


Derek Hayward WSVN reporterGossipExtra says Derek Hayward has resigned from WSVN as of yesterday.

I’m at a point when i need a change in my life. The timing is right

Originally from Meriden, England, Derek Hayward has been with WSVN since 1991 and is one of the most recognized reporters on local TV, both for his accent and for his solid reporting.

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  1. Derek Hayward is a legend. He gave color and texture to WSVN’s landscape and I often watched his reports with awe at how he balanced the facts with a lovely mix of adding his own particular brand of magic to everything. I will remember my time watching him and working with him fondly.

  2. He also was in Jacksonville Florida just before he moved to South FLorida. He worked at the ABC station at the time WJKS17 for about 2 or 3 years.

  3. He just woke up Tuesday morning and decided it was time for a change or was this known for a while that he was leaving?


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