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Can you notice a difference?


7News is running on new HD robo cams that were turned on the other day, in SD mode. The difference is quite noticeable, to me anyway. The image is much more sharper than it was before especially on shots that are a bit

except lynn’s ever changing hairdo you notice a visible difference?

top screenshot is from a few weeks ago, bottom is from yesterday’s 4pm newscast


and two more before and afters below:

WSVN HD cameras running SD mode

WSVN HD cameras running SD mode

DTV stretch-o-vision comparison

WSVN DTV HD Camera Comparison

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  1. Joe: cable via comcastic DVR and yes it’s analog. Actually… digital simulcast…

    the images are a little compressed via Photoshop tho

  2. If those ar HD cams in SD mode why are they in 4:3 and 16:9 ?

    I did not notice a thing when I looked at their newscast ….

    I dont know about the newsdesk but Lynn is hot….

  3. They’re not exactly in 16:9 as of today, they’re running in 4:9 but the guys at control room make them switch into strectch-o-vision and that’s what you see in 7.1, its a matter of time people! lets wait just a few months, we’ve been wating for new gfx since they renew the Plex almost 3yrs ago and now what we have to wait for is new GFX in HD bitches! lets just enjoy TVJ for now while it last then i’ll sswitch to my fav SVN once they flip the switch….OMG! i can’t wait…i feel like a kid waiting for guitar herrrrro!

  4. Now that I’m looking closely, I definitely see a change on some shots, but others still look fuzzy as ever. Just a few minutes ago, Lynn’s close-up was as good as anything I’ve seen in analog (except for the g*ddam stretch-o-vision), but Craig was Mr. Fuzzy next to a graphic, and the remote shots of Nicole look like there’s vaseline on the lens. Yesterday, Phil looked as fuzzy as Craig did tonight.

    So maybe 7’s got a few new cams, but it looks like there are still a few clunkers in use.

    Frank, if you really want to see stunning video, watch 6 in HD. After you see that, nothing else is palatable.

    Admin, why still analog screencaps? It’s the 21st century. 😉

  5. Joe…i got Directv w/ HD locals and 6HD has not made an impression like WOW! neither T51HD nor CW39HD, first ‘cos their music sucks and second they have to cut the music just when the anchors are about to talk, their automated switch is so delayed let me tell you, and that set is just 8yrs old…boring enough, but since they’re the only stations in HD for now then i’ll have to stick to them while SVN gets al geared up.

  6. hey Frank i’m surprised ‘svn has such a crappy news desk as compared to that of Sunbeams other 7, whdh which has been using a much nicer desk with an integrated plasma display for quite some time now

  7. Frank, my HD OTA is as good as it gets, better than any 2nd party provider. That said, I’m not talking about the sets, but the vast difference between HD and analog pq. It’s just too cool watching local news in HD on 6 (especially the weather), then going right into HD national news. After you get used to that, it’s impossible going back to analog fuzzy stretch-o-vision. I can’t remember when I watched more than a few minutes on 4, 7, or 10.

  8. Joe: Because in the 21st century my Comcast DVR gets the hickups and everything goes to shit when it’s tuned to the DTV channel. And nobody wants to look at ugly pixilated screenshots 😀

    I’ll have some of the partially wide-faced one arm bigger than the other screen shots soon 🙂

  9. Admin, I guess the HD DVR stuff is all part of being “Comcastic”. 🙂

    Anyway, TIA for the distorted screen caps to come (I think) 😉

  10. The cameras are great and you can see everything nice and clear, but these robo cams are sure going to cut back on photographers. This means less jobs out there and I’m sure those people have families to feed.

  11. Mikeb, it’ll give 7 another perfect feature when the robocams malfunction: “When Robocams Do Bad Things”. Hosted by Louis Aguirre, of course…

  12. Well, I can also tell you that they haven’t been able to master the joystick, either. Sometimes, when Phill or any meterologist for that matter, does the walk up, from the distant monitor, to the full screen weather graphic, you can see that the camera zooms in or out, and sometimes, they zoom out too far, and you see part of the monitors on the side that the meterologist looks at. Also, if the shot isn’t perfected, you see the camera moving nice and steadily, noticing that it’s obviously a robotic cam. Before that, if the shot wasn’t perfect, a sudden jerk would come out of no where and center the anchor. But, while I was at WTVJ in January, I almost got hit by those damn cameras. 😀

  13. Mikeb – its going on nationwide, not just here. a sad point but true. The more digital a station goes, the less they need people (so they think).

  14. actually brandon, while they are the new hd, robotic cameras…they’re neither operated in hd nor by computers…wsvn is still using old-fashioned humans at each camera until they have everything setup and ready to go…what you may be noticing is good ol’ fashioned human error…

  15. Insider, how can the cameras be robotic and be operated by people? Those cameras dont have arms for people to hold on to them.


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