Home Notes Some more exits at WFOR

Some more exits at WFOR


WFOR weekend producer leaving and heading for Ohio to get her Ph.D. and be journalism professor. And have normal life too.

Our wonderful weekend producer Sally Ann Cruikshank will be leaving us. Sally Ann will take the adventure I call her life to Ohio. She has received a Graduate Assistanceship at Ohio University in Athens where she will work on her Ph.D. to eventually become a journalism professor. In just a few years, we will have to call her Doctor Cruikshank. For the past two years Sally Ann has been a vital member of the CBS4 Newsroom. She has helped lead our weekend team… and has been an incredible asset to our Special Projects division. We will miss her tremendously but wish her the best in her new challenge. Her last day is April 3, so make sure you say goodbye!


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