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NBC 6 Finally Mentions Their HDTV Digs


They finally mentioned their HDTV transition during the NBC 6 News at 6 a while ago. And there’s a promo for the switch, which oddly is running in 4:3 with curtains.

there is a nice behind the scenes look at WTVJ’s HDTV transition on NBC6.net including video tour of the Chopper 6, also in HD.

Photo: Experience The NBC 6 HD
Video: NBC 6 Goes High Definition
Video – Choper 6 HD behind the scenes tour with photojournalist Robin Russell

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  1. Kudos to NBC6 for being the first local HD outlet in this market. There’s no going back to fuzzy, distorted, stretch-o-vision that everyone else uses.

    That said, it’s only a matter of time before others go HD. Hopefully, WTVJ will take full advantage of the fact that they currently have no visual competition at all. Jackie looks almost stunning compared to the fuzzy, “widened” Laurie or Shannon.

    However, one scary thing to come: Belkys in HD.

  2. Well, I am looking forward for WTVJ to be 100% HD, meaning that they will be having their field cameras HD, also. I’m really excited for that. As far as the HD goes so far, it’s looking very nice, and I can’t believe they actually made Chopper 6 High Def!

  3. I noticed they’ve updated some of their microphones flags, now are triangular w/ nbc6.net on each side, but lacks the hd logo over the 6, that’s really strange since some other stations didn’t even forget to add the hd on their mics.


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