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Megan Glaros to WCBS


A tipster dropped us a note yesterday saying WPLG GM ND Bill Pohovey announced to station employees that morning news meteorologist Megan Glaros is leaving WPLG for WCBS in New York.

Megan will be working alongside someone else familiar to South Florida viewers, former morning meteorologist at WTVJ Lonnie Quinn. He was her competition in the mornings not too long ago before leaving for WCBS to become their chief meteorologist. Glaros starts at WCBS sometime in April.

Local10.com – Megan Glaros bio

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  1. Does this meanLonnie will move permanently to The Early Show with Maggie? Sorry, but Lonnie and Megan are both lightweights, perfect for infotainment but in weather emergencies, I want someone with a brain. Give me Paul Deanno and the 6 Weather crew over the rest any day, and by the way, they have 2 women who are attractive and seem knowledgeable, Trina and Jennifer. You can have both, if you try hard enough.

  2. wait a minute!!
    megan seems to know what she’s talking about (better than many of the forecasters around here) and if she doesn’t, she fakes it well. though i suspect she’s not faking at all, if you turn off the mute button, she seems to grasp weather concepts very well, or at least she explains them well. Trina? are you kidding me? you can tell she’s someone who did weather a hundred years ago, channel six asked her to do it again, and she’s getting by as best she can(don’t get me wrong, i like her a lot, but i hate her doing weather, seems totally fake)

    i agree paul on channel six is great.. really knows his stuff

  3. Trust me Megan fakes it. She has no clue what she is talking about.
    South Florida is better off without her and her diva attitude. Hopefully WPLG will bring in someone with a little credibility so maybe I can actually stand to occasionally tune in to WPLG in the mornings. Well then again Jen and Calvin make me want to puke too.

    Nevermind. I’ll stay elsewhere in the mornings.

  4. I wish Megan good luck in NYC but I hope she will actually deliver the wheather standing up straight. They’re a touch audience out there.

  5. Sorry, I meant to say that the NYC tv audience is a tough crowd to please but that’s not to say that we here in So. Florida give anyone a free pass !

  6. Megan. Congratulations on your new job. “Ignore the crabs in the bucket. They try and pull you down when you get out. Smile and don’t look back!”

  7. Does anyone really care that she has an AMS seal? Come on.

    Now that she is leaving the real question is are they for real?

  8. I went to grade school, middle school and high school with Megan. She’s had those since she was 14. Real…believe me.

  9. day26,

    I know it’s really off the mark to suggest any female on Miami TV or Miami for that matter might have surgically enhanced hooters. I know just asking the question sounds crazy to most of you. Sorry. And I apologize to all the funny looking women with gigantic, pointy chests that bump up underneath their chins. I was just being a lobster, a lowly sea creature.

    Dean, thanks for the response, but it was crude of me to ask in the first place sorry.

    I think I need a Dr. Phil session.

  10. can you sense the sarcasm? cuz i’m laying it on pretty thick. you jackass. i was being cynical. i couldn’t give two s**s about glaros.

  11. I watch ch 2 now because of Megan, I wish she was on more. My only complaint, I can’t remember what she said about the weather after watching her! I love girl that growlsss


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