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Rick Sanchez on The Economy in 2 Minutes


It wasn’t long ago when Rick Sanchez was pontificating reading (while almost falling trough my TV) news about the latest shooting in Miami.

Then he went on to bigger and better things, at MSNBC, came back to WTVJ as a daytime show host. Left for CNN where he got tasered in the name of journalism, sparred with anti-immigrant loudmouth Tom Tancredo.

Here’s Rick talking economy on CNN.

And he’s super hip. He knows what Twitter is and reads tweets from twitters. Cool!

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  1. I actually watch Ricky every afternoon when i get home. Get updated quickly, fine show, last week I caught him almost slipping up and almost saying NBC instead of CNN.

  2. You think that’s bad, there’s a couple of times where he ended by identifying himself with “7 News”.


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