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Sauer Might Kiss WPTV Goodbye With a Lawsuit


Uh ohs!
The Palm Beach Post’s Page 2 reports that freshly bounced Laurel Sauer may not get a glitzy send off from her station. When asked for comment Sauer told Page 2 “I can’t comment, I just hired a lawyer”. Ow! We wonder what’s up.

Page 2 says she was either fired or quit, depending on whom you ask. Her lawyer says they’re “exploring their options”.

When Sauer was removed from the 11pm at WPEC in 1988 and left the station she filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit which was later dismissed.

Sauer was also removed from WPTV’s 11pm newscast last fall and replaced by Kelley Dunn

WPTV-ers what have you heard? What’s all this drama about?


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