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Tisha Lewis at WSFL

Well that favorite anchor who we love to hate¬†appears back on the South Florida airwaves. Tisha Lewis, the reporter laid off from WTVJ last month, has now been spotted working at WSFL (The CW). After reciving multiple tips reguarding Tisha, we finally spotted a video with her narration. I’ll post the link as soon as I find it. Congrats, Tisha.
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  1. She is friends with Yvette Miley. Yvette is friends with Jose Suarez, the EP at WSFL, so one phone call got Tisha the job.

  2. You all are cruel. Tisha. Good luck at your new job. You were very nice out in the field. Ignore these mean comments. I wish you the best.

  3. Tish was the most immature reporter I can ever remember. First with her yelling her report, then her infamous closing her eyes at the end of her report. I guess she was so tired from yelling her report that she wanted to take a nap right after.


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