Home departures Breaking News: Charles Perez Canned from WPLG

Breaking News: Charles Perez Canned from WPLG

Photo Via: JustNews.com
Photo Via: JustNews.com

According to this article in the Miami Herald, WPLG has gone ahead with a decision to fire WPLG anchor Charles Perez. His termination comes days after he filed a discrimination complaint against the station.

“His employment has been terminated,” business attorney Melanie E. Damian told The Miami Herald Thursday afternoon. “We filed a charge of discrimination last week. We will now amend that to include his termination as part of his claims.”

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  1. At times I really wonder who the heck posts on this blog?? So many of the comments are immature. Did Charles take it a bit too far by broadcasting a lot of “inside dirty laundry”.. yes. Was he livid?.. of course. Did he have a right to be?.. ABSOLUTELY. We all watched when Dwight passed the proverbial torch to him as the main evening anchor. Now all of a sudden he’s demoted to weekends. It’s not right. Anyone who sides with WPLG probabaly still works there and is scared shitless they will lose their jobs or get demoted. The station has a track record of treating their employees poorly.

  2. obviously this was coming since the way he has been openly talking about it. this all did start when everything came out about his former partner or whatever. it is bad publicity for the station however they do have no right to fire him for that and it looks like it will be perez vs. wplg in the courtroom. wonder who will win?

  3. If they give the position to anybody, they just give Charles ammunition for his lawsuit. Don’t hold your breathe for a new co-anchor anytime soon.

    And Dave is right.. if they give the position to Calvin Hughes, it would be the LAST time… the last time anyone watched.

  4. It is such a sand state of affairs for local television. I don’t know if Charles was a good anchor, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be fired. It is just like Conable from NBC. He was let go and now NBC will have to pay out a lawsuit with him. Charles will probably win his lawsuit. Kelly Craig should sue as well. It is discrimination. Charles will get replaced by Calvin (black), Joel is replaced by JUlia or Demarco at first (blac) and Kelly is repaced by Trna and Roxanne. (spanish, black and BARF.) The bottom line is no one should be treated this way.

  5. Well…When Charles filed a lawsuit againest WPLG I wondered how long the station would put up with that. Calvin at 11pm ? Rob Scmidt I thought would have been a better choice, but Rob is not a minority. Sad statement of the times.

  6. Rob Schmidt is a good looking guy but he is not a good anchor. He i way too young and way too inexperienced. Calvin Hughes makes me want to shoot myself. I never watch him

  7. Well, I highly doubt Dwight is enjoying a beer. I will bet he is “sipping a little something”, but it aint beer. I just want to say this on the CP thing. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. Lets get all the fact first. And BTW CP’s point is not to be judgmental or prejudice, maybe some supporters or haters on this blog should take heed.

  8. I wonder if WPLG is wishing they hadn’t allowed Dwight Lauderdale to slip away. With Charles’ departure, it appears that he’ll be kissing Post-Newsweek goodbye with his discrimiation suit.

    With NBC canning Joel Connable and Kelly Craig… it’s obvious that WTVJ has become a joke. WTVJ (and NBC) must really love flaunting Jackie Nespral. Joel is suing NBC for breach of contract. Don’t know if any of you got wind of this one or not… Ben Silverman is leaving NBC too.

    Gannett created controversey over the departure of WTSP anchor Marty Matthews earlier this year, by sending a WTSP staffer to leave an envelope on her door-step, containing her pink slip. Don’t know if she’ll be kissing Gannett goodbye with a lawsuit.

  9. AMEN

    CALVIN as the main ANCHOR


    Don’t make me VOMIT

    nobody likes him and he has no PERSONALITY it’s FAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE

  10. If Calvin Hughes takes Dwight Lauderdale’s seat I would in all seriousness like never before drop WPLG off my lineup. I’ve said similiar things about WTVJ and their questionable ideas but Calvin will really take the cake for stupidest move.
    The most probable outcome out of all of this is Laurie anchoring solo. If they ever decide to pair her up again with someone out of their talent pool, I would go with Rob Schmidt, that would be one heck of an anchor team.

  11. Everyone slams this or that and even on this topic somehow WTVJ gets slammed how it’s over for them. Why don’t you look up the numbers for WTVJ lately they are at the top either first or second. Go figure!

    • I don’t think so. WTVJ may have some more viewers but they are in the same spot statistically that they have been in. Last I had checked it was WFOR and WSVN that had the lead in english language TV here.

  12. No WTVJ ratings ahve been as bad a they have ever been. Please don’t make u stories ratings. I assume this is Tammy, the grl from NBC who is trying to validate her job

  13. No it’s not Tammy Mr TV Producer and if you like you can come into the meeting and if you have the guts ask today if anyone has the latest numbers so you can see for yourself before you start accusing. sorry I won’t put up with the crap some gave others here. some here know the facts some will come up with some wild stories like T51 was next after the last one etc. Guess what that did not happen! See you in the meeting speak up and ask for the numbers.

  14. Calvin is well-liked at Channel 10 on and off the air! And, he’s more than qualified. As for Julian, if you decide not to watch WPLG, then who gives a !!! I know I will! He’s great!

  15. Calvin certainly has the chops and voice!
    Diego sounds like a “hater” — u must want the job or is unemployed?? Hey repeat after me — “..may I take your order please!” Or, “paper or plastic?” Scumbag!

  16. a friend told me about this media website and warned me that cowards, low-lifes and haters hang out here!!! She was right. Before jumping to conclusions about the next 11pm anchor dude — consider asking if Calvin or anyone else wants be there now w/Laurie! Ok, getting out the sewer now. bye..

  17. Charles is a dumb ass – it’s one thing to sue your boss; it’s another to run to the papers and act like you can say whatever the hell you please about them. And his race claim shows just what a diva he is.

    Some (usually really insecure and unqualified) white people act like they are supposed to be where they are (despite their lack of credentials or qualifications or despite all the golf games they played with the boss to be there) but black people must be there only because they are black. Calvin can anchor nasal-drip Charles under the table any day of the week and should have been put in that spot from the beginning. The only reason he wasn’t is the same reason Rob “Frat Boy” Schmidt was allowed to ever sit at anybody’s anchor desk – even to fill in. Ask Dwight – I’m sure he went through the same bs before everybody decided he must be more than a black face afterall – and he had to be twice as good just to be given half the opportunities.

    So, Mr. TV Producer you are right about at least two things – nobody should be treated that way and you’d probably do the world some good if you did shoot yourself – somebody somewhere would at least be able to put your white sheet to better use.

  18. At first, I didn’t care for Calvin but he’s grown on me and I find his on-air presence to be very professional. I saw him doing solo on the evening shows a few weeks ago and I thought he was fine.

  19. I have seen the numbers at NBC6. I look everyday. They are flat and down. They are not up. I actually ork upstairs “ratings,” not with you low lifes in that pathetic newsroom. By the way, WTVJ and mnay other stations in this market have been famous for putting black people on TV who are not qualified only because they are black. As for Charles Perez. He was a solid guy and a decent anchor, but he wastoo rehearsed. He needed to lighten up. If he did that, then h would bring out personality. It’s what several people in this market had who are no longer working in this market. Personality is what NBC is lacking. Just ask Roxanne, Trina, Gray Hall and Claudia. They think TV journalism is about reading a police report to viewers and have no creativity. Yu can see and hear their nervousness when they are on air because they are no qualified to be in Miami or any other major market.

  20. Well, Mr. TV Producer, I don’t expect you to point this out, but the truth is: there are plenty of stations in this market and every other market famous for putting unqualified white people on tv, upstairs working “ratings” and all throughout the news rooms only because they are white! Should we start with WTVJ?

  21. This situation is such a trainwreck. Charles Perez overstepped his bounds by being such a blabbermouth and WPLG’s statements have been so awful. Let’s not forget that Perez came here from WABC with lots of time left on his contract.

    As for his replacement, I am guessing there won’t be one, especially now with the lawsuit. It seems like Post Newsweek is broke.

    Surprised by all of the credit Rob Schmitt has been getting – he is still way too green for evening news if you ask me. I am pretty indifferent of Calvin Hughes.

    I am guessing this whole thing will continue to play itself out in the press like an ugly soap opera.

  22. Hey, Julian, or “psychic friend” — how do you know what will happen at PLG? I HATE cowards! And, I saw your post earlier at 1:03 AM. Isn’t that pretty late to be up thinking about Dwight and Calvin. Hey, buddy, easy on the K-Y and hope you wiped off that keyboard when you were done — here’s my prediction, buddy, I bet your a failure now which why you keep coming back to this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. We at my station think Calvin is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The velvet voice!! :)It’s clear he is very good at his job! And women love a man who adores his children.

  24. I’ve been in this market a long time guys. Take it from me. No one comes here and woos anybody in the first year or two. It takes years, Jason, to build a name in this town. Calvin Hughes is talented, solid and I hear Ch 10 managers love him there.

  25. The problem with Calvin is he looks liek an alien and he has no personality. He thinks he is Ron Burgundy.

  26. And, Mr TV Producer, you’re creepy! Read “NubianNewslady” comments! Second, tv producers have lots of personality, which is why they are behind the cam!!!! Get a clue. You wouldn’t know talent if it slapped you on the butt (which you would like a lot, I bet) the guy looks great on WPLG’s new news set. Give it a break.

  27. Schmitt blows at the anchor desk,,,, Im suprised his ass didnt get fired when he got arrested for battery.. I think Laurie should solo the 6 and 11.. Shes more than capable,, tough to have your 2 best shows to be a 1 anchor team tho..

  28. JohnTheJournalist,

    No I wanna clean the dirty toilet at your house.

    As I am sure you don’t know how to clean it


  29. WPLG is not hiring any new anchors. Laurie will be doing the newscasts alone. No Calvin, No Rob, no one else. The news director told us managers about it a few days ago.

  30. Whoever designed that set should have their head examined. It looks like Superman built his Fortress of Solitude inside one of Smallville’s churches.

  31. From someone not in the business reading posts from those in the business, it certainly appears that those in the business are haters and slimebags much moreso than us “outsiders”. No wonder local TV sucks.

  32. Those in the business are haters. It’s a shame that people who work in a business that so many people hate, end up hating each other. Gorw up and get smart

  33. Dwight ain’t coming back… and WPLG is probably going to pay Charles a lot of money once the dust settles on this one. Gay or not – there is no way they were justified in their treatment of him in the last few months. They knew what they got when they brought him here from New York… Dwight is out, he is in….and all of a sudden he’s not good enough? “Oh it’s the economy…” Please. This was mishandled, regardless of Charles’ sexual orientation and his dealings with his past boyfriend. So lop sided it’s almost funny.

  34. It seems to me that WPLG could have accomplished its goal of cost savings by changing Charles’ on-air days to include Sat and Sun, with 2 weekdays off. That would have covered the weekends without another news reader, with Laurie going solo 2 days a week, and Charles going solo on weekends, co-anchoring the other 3 days. Assuming he was under contract, he would have been paid the same anyway.

    The station’s position that it was strictly a cost saving measure seems disingenuous at best. The public demotion seems to suggest there was more to it than just cost cutting. It appears they now need a weekend news reader. I almost feel sorry for whoever draws that straw…


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