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Joel Connable Lawsuit Documents


As promised, here is the official Joel Connable lawsuit documents – obtained exclusively by SFLTV.com.

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  1. Err… something doesn’t quite smell right about this.

    1. Why would he take take his producer and co-workers on a “Personal Vacation”? Did the parties involved regularly socialize and/or travel together?

    2. Why would he cancel the “Personal Vacation” despite being advised that he did not need to cancel the “Personal Vacation”?

    3. Per a Google search, Verona Carter is Director of Public Relations at the Ritz Carlton – why would he contact the Public Relations department to make a reservation for a “Personal Vacation”? I generally contact the Reservations department when I book a hotel.

    I don’t know – maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I read the timeline on here as he was trying to get away with something.

    I like Joel, though, so I hope it works out for him.

  2. Hey Tammy Delgad…sorry, “anon”> your grammar gives you away every time – as does the ubiquitos “err” in your written ramblings. Anon, let it go already > you got Joel fired, isn’t that enough for you? Man, you sure do take that woman scorned thing to a whole new level. Again, let it go! You’ll be much happier and at peace with yourself. Why don’t you start concentrating on more productive things > stop blog writing (you’re not very good at it,)exercise more and above all, start making our shows better. We’d all like that. Joel’s gone. Move on. We’re all “cheering” for you Anon.

    • Ubiquitos? is that a new snack food from frito-lay? Come try our new Ubiquitos! They’re “everywhere”!

  3. I don’t think Anon is Tammy Delgado. I wonder if they contacted the PR department becasue they wanted to do a story while there. That would make sense. Also, it says the producer was handling the contacts. I heard that after they told the PR department that they were interested in doing something, the PR person offered the stuff and they refused it.

  4. Nice of you to remember. But please, Don’t take it personally Alex and Jessica or anyother obnoxious fan out there. Just an opinion, no spite or abhorrence.


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