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Jon Stewart’s Interview With Jim Cramer


Leave it to Jon Stewart to remind us why the media is largely failing. A well prepared host that didn’t hesitate to call bullshit, and use Cramer’s own words against him, three times, from an interview for The Street where he basically told everyone how to game Wallstreet.

My personal takeaway from this interview is that CNBC is not to be trusted.

Watch the interview

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  1. All you need to know about CNBC is the merciless hype of Maria Bartiromo, a lame on-air presence elevated to “Money Honey” status by the drooling idiots on Wall Street. Maria apparently dabbled in some personal relationships with the people she covered, including a biggie at Citibank. Combined with her raspy voice, who needs her? She never adds anything of significance or depth in her “reporting.” CNBC has a few on-air people such as David Faber and Sue Herera who at least appear to be on-target and honest. Whatever CNBC’s shortcomings, don’t take that as a reason to go to Fox Business. Bloomberg appears to be the best alternative.

  2. I don’t watch CNBC on any kind of regular basis but i have seen Jim Cramer before. I fail to see how he has any kind of responsibility for what he said about companies and stocks. He offers everyone FREE advice. For some douchebag like Jon Stewart to slam him for giving people stock advice that they do not need to listen or take, is actually pretty pathetic.

    Instead of worrying if they are corporate or politically biased, you should worry about all of the crooked politicians from both sides that are destroying this country. Perfect examples of this are Sara Palin, John MCCain, Timothy Geithner and Barney Frank.

    As i said in one of the earlier threads. Jon Stewart just needed to find someone to pick on simply because Bush is no longer the president.

    Lou Dobbs slammed Obama last night on his show. He called him a fear monger that pushes rhetoric just like Bush. This is a far better political story to talk about.


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