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NBC6 Changes Introduction


Just a quick note, NBC6 has changed their voiceover introductions from saying “South Florida’s Only High Definition (forecast, newscast)” to “South Florida’s First High Definition (forecast, newscast)” because of the recent WSVN switch to HD.

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  1. So what makes ’em so special by saying that, if their newscast suck? dunno but i like the “if it bleeds it leads” style of SVN

  2. I will agree &news is my first choice for news. I mean today they had the most coverage of Us Airways going down in New York. They are one of only 2 stations in South Florida sending a reporter to Washington for the inauguration. They also sent a reporter to Gainesville for the big game. I mean this may be useless to some, but to me I want a station that has there reporters in all of the world reporting when the big story breaks.
    However I have been watching NBC6 at 7pm and a 11am when 7news does not have news. I must also say that I do enjoy Julia, Joel, Kelly and Jackie from time to time as long as 7news s not on.

    First Choice for news for me 7news
    Second choice NBC6

  3. NBC 6 is sending Nick Bogert to Washington. Also, 7’s coverage of the US Airways crash was horrible. How can you cover a crash in New York from down here. They needed to go to Fox News until their newscasts started


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