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The 7News Drama Llama Open


Oh it’s back. A brand new drama open for The Night Team in true 7News style.

A few years ago they used to do these teases for the late news a lot more often. Back then they’d have Craig and Laurie Jennings standing on the second floor where the big giant 7 logo used to be saying something like “It’s 10 o’clock and the night team is on” then the tease would roll. Made me wonder what it took to go over those rails.

And of course who can forget the promo with Craig and Laurie where they got spun around and poped on screen like they were beamed down from the starship Enterprise.

When I watch 7 and the stations here in Seattle the difference is shocking to say the least. Even the FOX station, KCPQ, is subdued and very conservative. They could easily put you to sleep. They are slower paced then even WTVJ. I can see why everyone who comes to Miami and sees 7 is so captivated or really hates them, they truly are one of a kind.

Video after the jump. The tease alone is 1 minute 30 seconds without the open! I thought they shortened the opens to keep it short?!

/thanks to TMBtD for uploading the video/

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  1. Now that they’re HD, I suspect 7 is going for the highest “in your face” impact with maximum graphics/sound. It’s their MO.

    One question: Not having seen the 4:3 analog broadcast (cheapie cable), doesn’t the bug in the lower right get cut off right in the middle of the ‘H’ part of ‘HD’? Or does 7 squeeze the 16:9 to fit a 4:3 so everybody’s thin?

      • Interesting. I was under the impression that stations used one feed for both HD and SD, which is why the HD pic rarely has “important” content on the left and right sides because they get chopped off in SD. Not so?

  2. Let’s see what station comes up with 3D glasses for their newscast.
    That’ll be the next gimmick.

    You heard it here first on SFLTV!

  3. it’s two different streams….when you are watching in analog, you can’t see the HD on the bug…its routed differently

    • Yeah, makes you wonder what they plan to do after the DTV transition, since at the moment (up in Boston at least, I’d assume the same down south), the analog feed lacks the HD, while the digital feed has the “HD”.

      Furthermore, the lower 1/3rd ticker, ie the scroller for news, and scores for sports, also have a 4:3 version on the SD feed, and 16:9 on the Digital feed. So, either they can (my opinion) go with a nice letterbox (and use the wide screen!), make everything 4:3 safe (I hope not), or worse , having a 4:3 “safe” subchannel, akin to today’s analog channel.

      Not to mention, which kind of drives me nuts – why not go all out with the branding, 7HD. Lucky if they mention it one a night, you would think they would have the HD on the new microphone flags, logos etc – but alas, nope!

  4. Everything about WSVN is ridiculous in my opinion. I find WHDH (sister station) up here in Boston to be flashy, but when you put it next to SVN it looks conservative.

    BTW, hope you guys brace yourself for the temps in the 40s lol (it was -2 degrees on my thermometer when I woke up this morning and I think we reached a high in the teens).

  5. That was amazing. Why is it that some can’t appreciate flashy graphics. As much as some of you like to banter about WSVN’s quality, they all basically do the same stuff. Look at that Nicole Linselata report, looked pretty good to me.
    BTW, the initial begining of the long teaser changes ever night, when he say’s “Channel 7, Time 10 o’clock, Night Team On!” Its different every night, but then the long briefing of the days stories is the same and I’ve never seen the introduction of all the personalities that is shown here.

  6. I liked it. It reminded me of the old intros, when they literally got the jib arm, and swung it to every corner of the plex, and teased the stories. They literally started by the computer bays, then swung to the sat center, the feed bay, upstairs by the 7, over the maps on the second floor above the news desk, then above to the second floor, on the opposite side of the news desk. It’s very flashy, very eye-getter, and 7 is clearly living up to their motto. Love it!

  7. someone PLEASE figure out a way to grab the music from the new wsvn package and put it online…its gotta be possible…i swear i’ve heard it in a nightclub somewhere…

  8. Julie Durda is in a new “in your face” spot for 7 – I’ve seen it several times. She was also doing weather on this morning’s news.

    Look up ‘Drama Llama’ on urbandictionary.com – you’ll get the idea.

  9. BTW, admin/Alex: Posting clock is an hour fast. It’s really 6:12 or thereabouts.

    Getting back to Channel 7, it appears that they’ve actually stopped stretching their SD content!!


    Hope it’s not temporary…


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