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Open Thread: “Miracle On The Hudson”



I thought i’d try something new. So by now we’ve all heard about what’s being called the “Miracle On The Hudson.” What do you think about all of the media coverage of it. Do you feel it was overdone, or just right to honor such a hero-pilot. Feel free to jump in and voice you opinion. 

Some things that the local and national media did to think about:

  • Today Show did a special version of the show. “Today: Miracle On The Hudson” 
  • WSVN did not cut to the Fox feed.
  • WTVJ sending Tisha Lewis to Miami International Airport to report on…. nothing. It was a six minute report of talking about how the crash had… nothing… to do with South Florida. 
  • Almost ALL news stations dragged the story on… talking about air cannons. 
  • Being a private pilot myself, i know how it’s just an amazing job done by the pilot… but did anyone else notice they made NO mention of the First Officer?

Discuss within: 

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  1. As it was unfolding all the LA stations aired the NYC feeds. KCBS and KCAL aired WCBS while KNBC aired WNBC and NBC News coverage mixed. It was overdone but thats the media for you. Within two hours most of the LA stations moved on to normal programming and the nightly news shows overdid the coverage as well.

  2. IMO… national media coverage was just right, local media btw here in Miami i have to admit specially w/ SVN was really overdone even though i like ’em, Alex is just right abouth people forgetting the co-pilot and the rest of the crew members; they play a significant role when these kind of accidents happen its not only the Pilot’s job wich yes, he did an excellent job and should be rewarded in the heavens (lol) but the rest of the crew its kinda being forgotten don’t you guys think?
    well talking again about national coverage; MSNBC were the first w/ the Breaking News, Followed by FNC (wich btw at first didn’t show any images idk why) and a few secs. later Rick Sanchez broke the story on CNN, how do i know this? well, i was watching Directv NewsMix.

  3. There has been WAAAY too much coverage. Every time I hear something about that story, I change the channel. Although, they have good coverage on the story, it’s slightly exaggerated.

  4. Yeah, an airplane crash landing into New York’s Hudson River really doesnt deserve that much coverage its nothing amazing, miraculous, or out of the ordinary, we all guessed everyone got out quick and the country had a new heroe.

  5. no offense intended to any pilot nor crew member

    What happened was a miracle of sorts. However, there was nothing else to cover at the time. we all know SVN stayed and over covered because they were hoping that some major catastrophe would happen and they could say, “we showed it live” – you know, if it bleeds it leads.

    of course, dumb luck may have had a roll as well

  6. At first, SVN was calling it “horror on the Hudson,” then they switched to “miracle on the Hudson.”

    Drama queens…


  7. I read so much criticism on WSVN……Why do you bother to even watch it?

    I don’t…….nor do I care for any of their clowns

  8. I agree with Pola Bear. Please do us all a favor and stop watching 7news. I mean they are Damned if they do and damned if they don’t they can’t win with all you HATERS.

  9. It wasn’t a miracle. Miracles are when Jesus or Moses or whomever you belidve in appear before us. It is an incredible story though. Should local media have spent so much time on it? Yes and no. This has never happened befor ein the history of aviation. So, yes, they should cover it. WSVN should have gone to Fox News, since they were competing against the networks and they didn’t have all the info the networks did covering it from New York. Sending anyone to a South Florida airport was stupid, but that’s just the producers. “Could it happen here?,” thinking. So, yes on leading newscats with it locally, but no on sending local reporters out to cover it from here.

  10. It just goes along with everything cliche that producers in this market do – “shots ring out,” “the suspects fled..” etc…


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