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NBCMiami Nears Closer


logo_nbc_miamiThat’s the new NBC Miami logo via the NBCMiami staging site. View it here. There’s really not… that much i can say. It’s nothing special. Thanks, Andrew P. 

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  1. Well it’s worth mentioning that this logo WON’T be the new on-air logo. Even if they do get the new O&O graphics, they’ll still have that old 2003 logo.

    That NBCMiami logo will only be used on the O&O site and on the NBC Local Media site… (i think)

  2. Alex, I thought Administrators weren’t allowed to give biased opinions? Makes the site lose it’s credibility, despite the fact you’re right.

    I doubt SFLTV wants to be the next FOX News! 😀

  3. They spelled Miami correctly, it’s mostly grey in color….

    what more do you people want!
    what, like a logo or something?!?!

    factories don’t have logos on them… just the name.
    like the place that makes forks, it says on the building “Forks Miami”


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