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Poll: Which TV station is run best?


In terms of management, which of the following TV news stations do YOU think is run the overall best? Consider all factors, including management staff, professionalism, employee relations, etc.


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    • In a different market. Palm Beach is a separate market fromMiami-Fort Lauderdale. If you don’t like it, and I don’t mean to speak for Alex & Co., start your own damn site for the Treasure Coast, ok? It’s not like you ever add anything factual or accurate to the discourse here.

      • But, It is apart of South Florida. Perhaps a separate poll. Palm Beach is not apart of the Treasure Coast, that begins after South Florida ends in Tequesta.

  1. CBS4 should be dead last.
    Clueless and incompetent management has run that station into the ground.
    Engineers don’t know the differences between HDTV and HGTV .
    They LOOK and SOUND worst than ALL the other stations combined.


    • But, they seem to be leading in ratings hmmmm…It is not WFORs fault they are not yet in HD. That power lies in NY.

  2. Interestingly, WSVN is the only station that’s happening now – and it’s got nothing to do with their Fox affiliation. Everyone else is pretty much mired in gloom, doom, and layoffs.

    P.S. – Graham, the WPB market doesn’t even factor in here. They’re inconsequential.

  3. The reason it doesent factor in was because it wasent added!!! It is apart of south Florida and since this site covers that area too it should have been.

  4. well in that case… the Naples/ Ft. Myers market is also “South Florida” should we include them too? GB-get a life and stop acting like a crybaby!

  5. West Palm Beach is absolutely part of South Florida. Fort Myers/Naples is considered SouthWEST Florida.

    As for the best run station, this line from Broadcast & cable says it all:

    “WSVN won the Miami revenue race last year, according to BIA Financial, with $89.2 million—ahead of Post-Newsweek station WPLG’s $69.6 million.”

    I remember when WFOR was number 2, and the gap may not have been as big as it is with WPLG.

  6. Although West Palm Beach is technically in the southern portion of Florida, I consider South Florida to be Dade, Broward & the Keys.

    Of course none of that matters at all right now…

    • The keys is actually the keys, not south Florida… South Florida is recognized by the us census as a metropolitan area and consists only of dade, broward, and palm beach. The reason the tv markets are different is a story I know for another time.

      It’s a good thing we don’t live in deans world.

      • GB if you dont like the way things are ran here than start your own site. That way you can cover what ever you want. Why are you always such a whinny brat?

        • I dont even care about that anymore, just get your all facts straight! geez Ohh yeah, I am the drama queen here, you all are the ones saying Palm Beach is not part of SoFla, and one even referred to this as the treasure coast! sheesh!

  7. Why would you add some stations that the majority of the readers have never seen. If it’s really a must for you another poll would be best, but mixing two different tv markets would be pointless.

    • Uhh I would think that rougly half of the poeple reading this have seen the West Palm BEach stations. The markets do overlap, and it this is one of the few places in the USA where they overlap as much as they do.

      The blog has included just as much WPB coverage as they have Miami, tho the stations in Miami seem to be doing a lot more gossipy things these days.

  8. About the actual poll. There really is no denying WSVN is the best run down here. Yeah, some people have problems with their content and style but that’s another issue. Just compare WSVN to other statins today, it’s almost a joke.

    • I agree. There was a time not that long ago when the four stations were more-or-less equal. They each had things to brag about, both in terms of news coverage and news ratings. Now, it seems there’s 7 and everyone else.

      WPLG has decent news ratings, but the solo-anchor shows and the loss of the 5:00-6:00pm shows to me really killed the stations coverage and reputation. And the back half of the hour-long noon show is downright unwatchable, since the station is forced to fill the show with feed packages. At least when they were doing 90 minutes in the afternoon, they could fill the next day’s noon show with those stories.

      WTVJ is but a shell of what it used to be. The problems there are well known and well documented.

      WFOR’s on-air look is awful. No HD combined with awful graphics and a set that dates back nine years makes for a very stale, tired look. They’ve got some very, very good talent there but the product needs help. At least they haven’t given up on early evening news.

  9. WSVN seems to know what they are doing. They havn’t had any layoffs and actually are adding more news instead of taking away.

  10. Finally WSVN / 7NEWS gets its props.



  11. 7 and 10 seem like top performing TV stations in South Florida. Many favoring 7 as the power-house.

    NBC allowed Ardy, Tammy, and Yvette to drive channel 6 into the ground… as well as allowing them to flaunt Jackie as their best news anchor. Tony Segreto, Joel Connable, Paul Deanno, and Kelly Craig are already gone, and Julia Yarbough is set to leave sometime soon… many are left wondering who’ll be next in line to walk the plank. Unless, Tribune may be considering pulling another KSWB-TV, by affiliating WSFL-TV with NBC. This certainly isn’t the iconic WTVJ that Ralph Renick and Bob Weaver helped to build.

    CBS still hasn’t switched 4’s news to HD. Set and graphics do need a makeover. As for theme music… Either the current theme music remain in place, or CBS switching to the “CBS Enforcer”.

  12. Eric, I love the “CBS Enforcer” that is way better than that cheap yuppy guitar shit they have now. Dooodoodoo..dooo!(say that fast)

  13. I just watched Todd (10Taxi-WPLG) doing a live sports report from Dolphins Camp. He was stumbling all over the place and trying so hard to act like he knew what was going on. This guy is so bad and trys so hard, it’s sad.

  14. I tuned in ch7 at 4pm to see the latest update on Chad Penninton and Lynn Martinez turned into such an unprofessional “drama queen” that if I was Ansin I would have fired her on the spot! No other station would have put up with that.

  15. I’m very much aware that WTVJ named Lane Michaelsen to the news director postion, following Yvette Miley’s departure. Michaelsen departed from Gannett’s WUSA-TV back in August… the same station that Ardy once managed.

    I don’t know if he’s already started his run at WTVJ or not. It remains to be seen if WTVJ could be getting a sorely needed turn-around, or if WTVJ could be in for more of the same.

      • Graham, you keep talking about WTVJ moving. Is this a done deal? Is it specualtion? Educated speculation? I’m curious what the plan is.

        • *eyeroll* …rigghtttt. Those voices telling you things are so damn hard to tune out, eha?

          It’s funny how I hear when someone sneezes too loudly at WTVJ, yet have heard notthhingg about this move.

          You make my night sometimes GB.

  16. Alex, GB is like watching FOX News, entertaining, but don’t believe anything they say. GB wants WTVJ to move to Hialeah. Why would an English station move into an area that is 100% spanish? Thats like expecting to hear “Fair & Balanced” News on Fox.

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