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WTVJ, Other News Crews Shoved, Blocked And Assaulted

Alleged Thief Beverly Gallagher Running From Media
Alleged Thief Beverly Gallagher Running From the Media

This story is making my elbow itch! /hat tip reader who alerted me to the video links at the bottom of this post/

Yesterday 3 South Florida politicians accused of corruption were released from jail. One of them, Beverly Gallagher (the one dressed in red jacket above), a Broward County School Board member, ran from the media her son, and perhaps that’s also her daughter, got in the way to try and help mom escape to the car so she won’t have to answer questions. Like, did she really got paid $12,500 to steer school board business to a certain company?

As they were crossing the street Gallagher’s daughter or daughter in law started things first by hitting the SunSentinel reporter or his camera and then blocked his way so he couldn’t go after Beverly Gallagher. As Gallagher is told to go up a flight of stairs, her son can be seen starting to block news crews from going up under the pretext he dropped his glasses and was looking for them.

As he kept refusing to move looking for the alleged glasses he got into a physical confrontation with WTVJ reporter Steve Litz and a photog who tried to make their way up. At some point Gallagher’s son can be seen shoving one of WTVJ’s photogs causing him to fall backwards from the stairs while holding a heavy camera!flipping.thebird

WTVJ’s Steve Litz eventually made his way up along with a photog. As they ran toward the car the woman who hit the SunSentinel camera can be heard threatening everyone she’ll run them over. She was kind enough to flip the camera off as she pulled back.

You can watch the raw video from WTVJ here, From WPLG here and posted by the SunSentinel after the jump.

I hope the stations and the Sun Sentinel won’t be hesitant in pursuing charges against Gallagher’s son and the woman.

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  1. This is typical of South Florida politicians.

    Thugs who take bribes surrounded by sleaze ball family members who think they have a right to steal from the public. Then get offended when their illegal acts gain attention.

    Like roaches, they run from the light.

    The fun is just beginning for them as they get more attention, and hopefully, real jail time.

    • Not really just a South Florida phenomenon. Politicians tend to be sleaze balls everywhere you go. I know alot of people down here like to think they have the worst of the bunch but corrupt politicians are an establishment in most places. Just take look at our nations capital.

      Anyways good to see law enforcement really is cracking down on these d-bags.

  2. Prosecute. Full extent of the law. Three cowards were cuffed yesterday, hopefully more to come (in Dade too, I hope). This is why I scream for competent media. This is what we turn to them for, not Britney updates. Good job, Steve & Co.

  3. Chuck: I wish news outlets shared your same view. Unfortunately, MANY good people have lost their jobs because bean counters want to save money and hire on the cheap. True journalism is on the ropes and about to go down for the ten-count.

  4. You can see in one of the clips as how the son kicked the SFL camera guy to trip him. Then as they are going up the stairs he says go go over and over to the people he was trying to let get away. then he keeps talking about his glasses and pretends he doesn’t know what is going on (interview on WPLG) When WPLG asked him why he assaulted the media. Good for you guys in the media. Steve and cameraman hope you press charges.

  5. This video shows what a powerful reporter Steve Litz is! Way to go Steve in trying to get some answers from the politician!

  6. Don’t underestimate the power of Michael Putney. I personally thik he’s the strongest and most trusted political reporter in town.

  7. Watching very closely, you can see a woman ahead of him on the stairs ask him for his glasses in the middle of the scuffle, and immediately after that is when he starts claiming “he’s just looking” for his glasses. This AFTER watching him and a woman smacking cameras and tripping reporters. Beverly will have company in jail.

  8. Michael Putney, I aggree is one the best journalists down here , but is also one of the highest paid. At over $300,000 a year I wonder if he might be next in line to get axed. I can’t imagine WPLG renewing a contract of that size.

  9. That is not her son, but that is her daughter. The gentleman is her daughter’s boyfriend/father of her child (Bev’s granddaughter).


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