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WSVN Adds Newscasts on Weekends


7newsWSVN announced today they’re adding two thirty-minute newscasts on Saturday and Sunday.

Beginning September 26, 2009 WSVN will add a 30-minute newscast on Saturdays and Sundays at 11pm, going head to head with already established newscasts in that time slot from WFOR, WTVJ and WPLG. The station’s Sunday sports wrap up show ‘Sports Xtra’ will now start at 11:30pm.

The added ‘7News at 11’ newscasts will be anchored by Reed Cowan and Robbin Simmons.

With this expansion, WSVN will now be producing a total of 57 hours a week of live newscasts and programming counting Deco Drive and Sports Xtra.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, BIA Financial estimates WSVN was first in terms of revenue for 2008 with$89.2 million, $19.6 million ahead of Post-Newsweek owned WPLG which came in second with $69.6 million in revenue for 2008.

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  1. Yes, I am going to compliment 7. This is building on strength–Reed and Robbin are by far their best anchor team. Congrats to both.

  2. Will they put their Sunday sports show on at 11:30 instead of 11pm ? I hope not as I watch Steve & Drew at 11 and Kim at 11:30. Diego and GBMiami must be in heaven.


    I am kicking my heels off now.

    I can’t wait to see more of REED sexy Cowan on the weekends.

    I now have a reason to stay home and with REED.

    HOW YOU DOIN!!!!

  4. Reed and Robbin are by far their best anchor team, come on Chuck! I just change the channel. You must work at WSVN!

    • No I don’t and you must not read this website very often. I watch enough of everyone to know who sucks and who doesn’t, and Reed and Robbin are where I usually tune in on the weekend. Luanne Sorel filling in does a good job too. What annoys me, besides half-cocked criticism, is that only 7 has figured out how to make money off their local output. Are they that smart or is everyone else that dumb?

  5. Lucky for WSVN that Fox cancelled MAD TV (though maybe if they hadn’t, WSVN might have just pushed back MAD TV to 11:30?) Possible, as WSVN is the least Fox-like Fox station I have ever watched.

  6. Makes you wonder how much longer we have to put up with having to miss all our favorite Fox shows. I’ve never seen a station so Anti-FOX in my life. I wish some other station could be the Fox affiliate in Miami. Never knew Miami hated Fox.

    • I get the feeling (and I could be wrong) than WSVN went to FOX solely for the NFL (which is a major cash cow). Ironically, Miami has an AFC team, which is on the other network (NBC at first, now CBS)

      • Fox didn’t have the NFL when SVN affiliated. WSVN got dumped by NBC when they bought WTVJ back in the late ’80’s. Ansin refused to sell to NBC, so the Peacock headed south and overpaid for what was once a grand broadcaster. Oh well.


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