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Check Out WPBF’s New Studio


wpbf.studio.tourWPBF posted a video on YouTube from their broadcast showing off their new digs.

Looking good but … think I was right when I said they’d tout the many  monitors as being high tech. I guess the average viewer is wowed by 5 monitors with “threading technology” but those out there like me who’re already “threading” at home with 2+ monitors aren’t so impressed.

Anyway, nice digs WPBF even  your main anchor spreads the cheeks from happiness (his words by the way).

Now all that’s is left is HD.

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  1. This set is definitely nicer than WFOR’s and WTVJ’s. It’s also arguably nicer than the Superman cave/church stained glass look at WPLG. And in some ways, it’s nicer than WSVN’s which has all those cheap CRT monitors in the background.


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