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Señora Salas at WSFL

Maria Salas
Maria Salas

Hola Señora Salas! Remember her? Maria Salas is a local South Florida movie critic who up until a few years ago, was a regular contributor for WTVJ and their talk show ‘South Florida Today.’ Until I saw a promo on WSFL, I had completely forgotten about her. She just disappeared off the airways. Well, she’s now turned up again and is reviewing the latest flicks for WSFL and their morning show ‘SouthFlorida.com/LIVE.’ From the promo, you can catch her latest review today on WSFL.


    • Chuck, you sound like an old fart, im guessing you were too young to have watched Nickelodeon in the early 1990s when Dave Aizer was quite the celeb amongst kids. Most of those kids are now in the age group for WSFLs show. You apparently are not.

      • Dude, you need to calm down. You really flame way too much for my comfort zone. Chuck has honestly made more valid points on this blog than you have or will. Chill dude, you don’t need to jump on everyone for every little disagreement.

  1. But before i go, Alex, to say that none of my insight is invalid is absurd. Mark my words, everything I have told you is true to everything I know. I know people, I have worked in SoFla TV and still do some projects. Chuck is just a viewer with his old timer speculation on things, thinks everything should be the way it was in 1955. I have been through every TV station in So Fla except the new local 10 building (been to the old one, infact my grea grandfather worked at that one as chief audio engineer from 1966 till 1980) and WSFL.

    Chuck may sound like the gods on this site, but his insight is outdated and raw.

    • I didn’t say that you haven’t provided accurate insight. However, if you look back at the past few weeks since you changed your posting user name, it seems like all you have been doing is ignorantly boasting your point of views and bashing those who are different than yours. I’m not saying you should leave; You’ve been reading for a while now. But you need to cool down the drama. If you disagree with Chuck, fine, but there’s no need for you make personal attacks. It makes you sound ignorant and unable to intelligently defend you positing, which I know is not the case. The real fact of the matter is Chuck often makes very valid points in a respectful and intelligent manor. Blatantly calling someone a quote “old fart” and completely dismissing their ideas is just trolling and unneeded. I would hardly call his POV’s outdated, but everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

      All I’m asking is for you to calm down and stop trolling the site. Your opinions are appreciated, but you don’t have to bash someone while demonstrating it.

      Thank you.

      • You do realize that I have added my insights first before anyone a couple times, and people have done the same to me…It hasn’t always been a one way thing. To have everyone dislike you because you like WSVN……what is that about?

        • I understand that, and I’m not meaning to specifically target you in particular. I’ve just been noticing you lately.

          You’ve obviously heard that two wrongs don’t make a right. You bashing someone will just provoke someone else to bash you.

          We don’t really moderate comments, I’m just throwing in my POV.

          • “Dude, you need to calm down. You really flame way too much for my comfort zone.”

            I think it sounds like you are targeting me specifically Sarah… I dunno.

    • gb, you are an idiot. Hope I make you cry and kick your wubby tonight. I was not around in 1955, but back then a premium was placed on literacy in general, not just in the media. If you choose to be a mouth-breathing idiot, feel free. But you are the target audience for a half-assed outlet like SVN, so it should come as no surprise. Likewise, you defend Salas. She stinks. She is unintelligble, to the point that even 6 cut her loose. Only 39 would pick her up for that train wreck morning show of theirs. I feel no need to defend my taste to you. Again, you are an idiot. So don’t go away mad, just go away. Why not go clean Belkys Nerey’s litterbox?

        • See Alex, him not me.

          I didn’t defend Salas though. I just meant in general that anyone that isnt old, chuck, you dont respect on TV. You think that nobody young could make a good personality. Again you have never met, talk, or worked with any of these people like I have.

          • god we are suppose to be adults here but you guys are acting like god damn children. Everyone has an opinion, do not attack someone for stating theirs. Grow up or leave.

    • It’s so strange that we ALL walk amongst each other on the same streets in the same urban center everyday, and yet we dont even really know each other, though we all speak almost everyday.

      • Very nice observation. From what Mitch has said in comments, he lives semi-around me. Kinda.

        What’s even weirder is to see anchors and reporters at the ‘Travel/Health Expo’ and them have no idea who I am. 😀

        • I am in Palm Beach, so I am probably not close in vicinity to you all, however I am in Miami all the time. Like I have said within a year I hope to be living down there permanently, economically allowing, especially if Tri-Rail goes under. I wouldnt want to put those kinda miles on my car.

  2. Really? This is who they add after Amber’s dismissal.
    She is hard to understand with that heavy accent, her interviews are annoying and if Jose wanted to give people another reason to not watch… he’s doing a good job.
    This is almost as bad as when NBC-6 takes one of the Telemundo reporters with a heavy accent and has them report in English.
    Still can’t listen to Phil Ferro on WSVN, and his accent isn’t that bad.
    If you are looking to attract Hispanic viewers, run a Spanish language station, or get Hispanic reporters that speak clearly in English, there are plenty looking for work right now.

  3. Jose Suarez couldn’t handle it at NBC as an executive producer and now he is proving that he can’t put together a mornign show that anyone would wnt to watch. Maria is the most annoying person I have ever seen or heard of on television. Has anyone seen the rating for Jose’s ne masterpiece? 0.0 and 0.1. Cancel ASAP

  4. R U kidding? The show is not about ratings? Without ratings, you make no money and without money the show will be cancelled.

  5. ratings these days dont really mean much as you see with the networks looking at everything such as online viewing etc. the SFL morning show doesn’t relay on ratings and it was stated when it first started. If you watch the show there is alot of product placement, that is how they are earning a majority of there money.


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