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SFLTV Banned from Following WTVJ Today in Florida on Twitter


Oh the drama! Thursday night, just before closing time here at the SFLTV world headquarters and newsroom, we discovered to our shock that we were banned and blocked from following WTVJ’s Today in South Florida! In the past, I’ve spoken with their executive producer (as well as some of the on-air talent) via their twitter account, @TodayinSF. When I realized that I wasn’t “following” them, I clicked follow and: SHOCK! We’re blocked! Both accounts, @AlexSFLTV and the main one @sfltv are blocked from following WTVJ’s Today in South Florida twitter account!


Not sure who… or even why someone with access to that twitter account wanted to block us… More importantly, what’s the point of blocking us? I am guessing someone wanted some kind of reaction from us; I’m just not sure which kind of reaction whoever pushed the “block button” was looking for.

For now we’ll stick to mocking, laughing and pointing fingers at this someone who apparently thinks that somehow not allowing us to follow their work’s twitter will resolve whatever personal vindictive issues they have with the blog and/or its commenters. Nice work!

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  1. Ardy, Tammy, morons! Change the call letters to FTVJ. Ralph Renick has nothing in common with the sixth-place drecch you have become. You two are stupid enough to write for Belkys.

  2. I think that this has to do with your interviewing Connable shortly after he was fired. That seems to be the only logical reason to me.

  3. Dinosaurs! I was really pulling for TVJ – the only old-school, big J news operation in the market. But it’s simply proving why it’s in the shitter with this move. The station and the brand is still living in 1999 not 2009.

  4. Making it to the big leagues!!! I think its funny cause its not like you just cant go on a different account. i should retweet your tweet about it

  5. You were banned because Tammy Delgado wants power and she feels by blocking you, she is using her powers as an executive producer. By the way, every morning I see her on your site reading the comments. Here’s one for you Tammy: How does it feel to be a mediocre producer who very few people like. Even some of your closest co-workers mock you when you turn your back. Go away. NBC will get rid of you when they realize they have no use for an executive producer on a show that barely pulls a one rating point.

  6. Also, they barely have 1000 followers. How sad is that? Their 11am show is impossible to watch. I rather watch the View and that blows too.

  7. F*ck WTVJ, if Amara Sohn wasn’t on that station, I would never turn them on. A dreadful station on a dreadful network.

  8. Ahh…Amara, what a lovely lady to look at. Need more babes like her doing the news. Weather girls just don’t cut it for me anymore.

  9. I have heard that Roxanne Vargas and Tisha Lewis are in line for main anchor positions. For some reason, WTVJ doesn’t like Amara. They have never given her many opportunities.

    • That sucks, Amara needs to get out of there ASAP. Now that she’s put in some time in a “lessor” market, maybe she can get something in her native So. California.

  10. Vargas as anchor?! are you kidding me? way to go tvj! the girl can barely speak english, not to mention she’s straight outta college. they’re certainly pay her what she’s worth. at least tisha worked in some shit ass market like bakersfield, i think.

    • I see some parallels between Roxanne and Jen Herrera from a few years ago. Hired out of college, first on-air traffic reporter at the respective station (I think Jen was the first at WPLG, but I’m not 100% sure about that), dabbling in anchoring. And apparently Roxanne is now engaged to be married (like Jen), I guess in a couple years Roxy will be on the mommy track (like Jen). Wonder if Rox went to FSU LOL.

  11. Is there any more absurd job than TV traffic reporter? Forget for a minute about your feelings toward anyone doing the job, but do any of you watch TV on the road? Looking to save money-seems like a no-brainer to me. Can’t help but wonder if Roxy palling around with Tammy brings any job security, though.

  12. Will the last “real” talent at WTVJ turn out the lights when their contract isn’t renewed? I’m guessing that might be Bob Mayer. Other then Julia, what other good anchors do they have left?


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