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SFLTV.com Welcomes James


Please join me in welcoming the newest member to the SFLTV.com team, content writer James. James has been a loyal reader of the blog, and has great inside connections to the industry. Join me in giving him a warm welcome, and making his experience here as enjoyable as possible.

Welcome James!!

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You may contact me at: alex@sfltv.com


  1. welcome and please don’t bring any bias nor b.s. about rob schmidt, charles perez, joel connable and tammy delgadio here. it’s really, really old.

    hopefully you’ll bring a fresh perspective and worthwhile info instead of prolong the old deadbeat topics with your great inside connections.

  2. Hi James – welcome and good luck! Glad to see SFLTV’s growing (unlike most of the stations in the market).

      • Should you decide to accept it, I have a task for you (or whomever).

        Can you please find out when in the world WFOR will be broadcasting local HD (if ever)? I can’t believe we’re closing in on the end of ’09 and they’re still in fuzzy SD. Thanks!

    • Hi Chuck, post-aholic’s are very much accepted here at SFLTV! Look forward to speaking with you later to come! 🙂


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