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Just an FYI about the marrige of a South Florida anchor. Joel Connable got married last week to his long time South Florida nurse girlfriend. Management tells me that he’ll be working again starting Wednesday, then, he’s off again for what’s persumed his honeymoon.  FYI.

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  1. Thanks Joel for keeping us up-to-date on the most irrelevant events of your life. On your next post could you tell me why I care?

  2. How did you know it was me? You’re right. I’m Joel Connable, and “admin” is Matt Lauer. Too bad you figured it out before the aliens came down from their base at Area 51 to beam us up. Please tell me that whoever told you that didn’t tell you that the whole blog is a secret conspiracy by the Russian government to fuck with your head! Oh, and about those voices you’re hearing in your head… don’t worry. I’m sure others can hear them too!


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