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So That’s Where All of NBC Local Money Went



New WVIT Studios
New WVIT Studios

Well not exactly all of NBC Local’s money … that’s NBCConnecticut’s new digs. Or as we all know it WVIT, the other unwanted child in the NBC local station family.

They broke ground on the building at the end of 2007 and last week, a whole year and a half later, the station finally moved in.

With the move WVIT went high definition, leaving only KNSD in San Diego as the sole NBC-owned affiliate not to be HD.

Video of WVIT’s new home after the jump. Strangely, and perhaps unfortunately, no MSNBC/European inspired design for the news set like WNBC and WCAU got.
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  1. If WTVJ gets a new set, do you all think it will look similar with the anchor backdrop showing the newsroom? The way things are I don’t think we will see a new WTVJ set anytime soon. This month WTVJ’s Miramar studios turns 9 yrs. old including that crappy,cheap, raggedy, outdated set of theirs.

    • Well they wont get a new set in Miramar. The studio for them in Hialeah is cleared and ready. There they will get a new set, but it wont be like WVITs, since the newsroom will not be in the same room as WTVJs new studios will be.

  2. WVIT’s new building, newsroom, and set look very nice to me. It remains to be seen what will become of their old building.

    If and when KNSD switches its newscasts to HD… I assume NBC will most likely trash their current “NBC 7/39” branding for “NBC San Diego”. Other then KNSD not broadcasting in HD… NBC has yet to convert their D.C. flagship station WRC.

  3. GB……They are moving to Hialeah ? And…how often do you have this dream? Let me guess what they will do with the Miramar studio….turn it into a homeless shelter for laid off employees….lol


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