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North Bay Village to Strip Club: Go Hang Out With WSVN


A strip joint wanted to set up shop in North Bay Village. The local residents revolted so city commissioners hired a constitutional lawyer to draft a new zoning law and make it difficult for the club to set up shop since they can’t outright ban it.

The new zoning law states no strip clubs shall exist 500 feet of any residential area, school, church, playground, nursery, hotel, motel, day care or public park.

Since even someone with emphysema can hurl their spit across North Bay Village quite easily because it’s so small the ordinance puts the strip club with only one choice – move in with WSVN! The ordinance makes Broadcast Key the only option for the strip club.

Perhaps that condo developer will decide not to fight with Ed Ansin and sell his land to the strip club developers?

At least that North Bay activist will sleep easy and won’t have to look at

… guys coming out of the strip joint, coming out fully erect!


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    Roy Ramos could even pop in that would be HAVENLY AHHHH yeah
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