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WFOR and CBS 60 Minutes Team For Big Medicare Investigation


iteam_wildcard_2009The WFOR CBS4 I-Team has another whopper in the can and this one is went national last Sunday!

WFOR CBS4 teamed up with CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ to conduct a 4 month long joint investigation into Medicare fraud taking place in South Florida.

During the course of the investigation WFOR’s iTeam ended up uncovering billions of dollars siphoned out of Medicare by way of fraudulent clinics located in the Miami area.

The iTeam found out South Florida is pretty much the testing grounds for Medicare fraud methods that end up being used elsewhere in the country. They managed to sneak py cameras into 7 clinics alleged to be billing Medicare for services they aren’t providing and recorded staff offering to pay people who have valid Medicare numbers to complete fake paperwork for treatments and equipment they don’t need.

’60 Minutes’ aired their investigation this past Sunday. This Sunday, November 1st WFOR will air a 30 minute special at 6:30pm for a more in-depth look into Medicare fraud.

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  1. You mean a 60 minutes investigation. You know the network uncovered this and asked CH 4 to do the bitch work so they can save money. In exchange Stock
    gets to ride their coat tails making it look like HE and the rest of the so called I Team were responsible. Had they not gotten the call from the network about this story right under their nose, they’d be doing some copy cat piece from another CBS station as always. So poster don’t be so naive. You know 4 can’t come up w something this big by themself

    • Well….they Ch4 is a devision of CBS…they are apart of the company…so it is their obligational duty to do stuff like that since they are CBS’s eye in South Florida.

  2. I agree with Pam. Admin come on
    ch 4 got this “whopper” from the network. It’s just like them to pass it off as theirs

  3. Ohhh Another Whopper. Ha!!!
    Are you kidding me admin. How dumb are you
    let’s see how this played out. CBS 4 I team uncovered this and thought it was so good that they’d call 60 mins. and tell them about it too. YA Right!!! Or how about it just so happens 60 mins and Ch 4 BOTH uncovered this fraud, they must have run into each other at one of those clinics, so they said “you are doing this too” let’s work TOGETHER!!!
    Like sisters! No doubt 60 mins gave this one to WFOR bc they needed something in return. Times are tough even at 60 mins and ch 4 benefitted.

    • But i dont get WHAT is wrong with that??? networks do that O&Os all the time!!!!! WFOR isnt the first example of this. WFOR is Apart of the CBS Corp….its not like CBS bitchslapped some other little company to do it!

    • yeah, well, you dont like it, work for non O&O. I bet you those at WPEC are having a fantastic time with their bankrupt parent company.

  4. Meanwhile, 7 uncovered a story about a grandma billed for porno that was ordered by her grandson. I don’t care how the story got told, but it is the kind of work CBS and WFOR should be doing. It is why most of us care about journalism. Where the story originated is meaningless, though I would guess that the operation they exposed was so broad that CBS needed operational support to cover all the bases. They do have network producers to do this kind of work, but one of them from 48 Hours was too busy blackmailing Letterman to do his job, OK?

    • Well, since 1999-2007 they (WFOR) DID do that type of Journalism you were referring to, so unfortunately it’s a “been there…done that” stuff.

  5. What is up with this anger for WFOR getting some credit. They worked togther, they were part of it. It was a big national story. Congrats to them. Jeez!

  6. apparently CBS4/WFOR should rename it the iTeam…seriously, has anyone seen a news station whore thmeselves out for a product more than WFOR does with the iPhone….yeah, we get it, several of you have one…but the news isn’t an advertising block!!

  7. Anything to make Roark keep thinking she’s still a great “CBS4BossLady” (How stupid is that for a twitter name). What a joke WFOR has become, just a really sad jake.

  8. Here’s the deal- 60 Minutes called WFOR and the Bully grabbed the story. He didn’t get the goods on time, hence not being in the network piece. The Kroft talk back was corporate bone. And lets not forget he threw a co-worker under the bus … where’s the original package on the web? hmmm


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