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WSFL Morning Show Renamed to… The Morning Show


wsfl.the.morning.show.openSouthFlorida.com/Live is no more. Well, at least in name only. As of yesterday morning WSFL’s morning show is now called, aptly, ‘The Morning Show’!

Gone is the ‘soundtrack’ that one of Tribune’s bosses thought was so very South Florida. It’s been replaced with a more newsier sounding music track along with a different open without a voice over. The lower thirds graphics are now reddish and lot more conventional looking versus the previous ‘stacked shelves’ look.

Added also is a news desk area where I’m assuming Tisha Lewis, former WTVJ reporter, will be delivering the top news from now. Or at least she was on Wednesday. Very ‘Today’-like.Other than that the rest of the show seemed to be as before with in-studio guests, cooking segments etc.

Video sample after the jump

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  1. OMG! it a tone down version of PIX’s Morning News, wit a mix of the today show, and a Vanessa Williams wannabe…crap now that’s what i call classic south florida tv!

  2. Wow, it’s starting to suck less.
    The annoying weather guy is somewhat watchable. I’m not switching just yet from 7.

  3. Well at least they appear to be trying harder now. The meteorologist is actually wearing a suit and not a wrinkled shirt and jeans with a huge belt buckle. I guess they actually want people to start taking them seriously?

    • Mitch, my brother, there is not enough Oxycontin for Rush Limbaugh nor in the entire world that could make a show benefit from Lynn Martinez’ presence. Tisha Lewis, on the other hand is perfect. Too bad Roxy is still at 6-she’d be great at this stinkfest too.

  4. It’s actually not bad at all. Any idea on how they are doing on the ratings? We haven’t had a ratings report in uite a while.

  5. That’s actually an improvement. Can’t say I’m a Tisha Lewis fan, but the overall tone is much better and more professional. This could work…

  6. Rush used drugs?????? Funny story on that, years ago I was at a customers drug store in Palm Beach when I heard the owner pharmacist on the phone saying ” ok Rush, we’ll send it right out to you”…..When he got off the phone I asked him if that was Rush Limbaugh” and he said yes, he’s a good customer of ours…lol

  7. A much more watchable product… keep going. Now get rid of the annoying weatherman like they have gotten rid of everyone else. They have 3 left of the original “cast” of clowns?

  8. Interesting that they rolled this out on a Thursday rather than a Monday…oh yeah, the sweeps started yesterday, didn’t they? Never mind 🙂

    • you mean SDJ,

      I guess he was gone when they were retooling the newscast anyway. I’ve noticed that Kristen did all the web stuff during the Simpsons on SFL.

  9. I never saw the show with its original title but I turned on SFL one day and saw this. First impressions: it actually looks pretty good. I can’t imagine how it looked when it first hit the air. But it all sounds promising. Now if this is any success they might bring back their 10pm newscast…

    Also, the new music sounds like something from 615 Music, as it’s certainly their style nowadays.

  10. Its actually getting better, its nice that they are having fun insted of straight news. Reminds me of (admin should know this) q13 in seattle, their morning show is really enjoyable!


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