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Who needs drugs when you’ve got 7!


Who needs to get high when you can just watch 7 News (and get the same experience)! A very flashy montage by TMBtD of the new 7 HD:

Very VERY flashy… lots of “swooooshes”…. very…. 7 News like. It’s what you would expect. To me, it feels like I’m on something when I watch it. I find my self having to look away from the TV screen due to fear of seizures… But hey, that’s just me.

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  1. love.it.
    my only peeves are the big giant lower thirds somewhat and open being a bit too loud and screechy especially coming from a break, otherwise it works for my ADD just perfect

  2. Ok, now im completely hooked on the new package. Its amazing! Love it! Everything about it lol. and WSVN has to have the best looking HD set on television!

    BTW, that weather girl is god awful. But Reed and Robin are really a great pair, they’ve become one of the best pairs on Miami television.

  3. Not too fond of the new theme… Love the open, though…

    Imagine being on drugs, being Epileptic, AND watching 7! Now, that’s a combo! (No offense to Epileptics)

  4. 7 on HD is great. Everyone looked fabulous. Reed, Vivian and Robin. They are some good looking people. The show was great.

  5. They did the official “launch” tonight with new tease graphics. missed it :-p And they fixed the bug, it doesn’t come off on SD sets anymore.

  6. it’s awful. looks like something out of tron. i expected a light cycle to drive through during the wx segment. good job by 7 catering to the idiot south florida audience though. don’t worry about the content, as long as the graphics are fancy. ooooh, shiny!

  7. I like the new look except for the music. The old music should have been kept. However Belkys, Lynn, Reed and Vivan looked sickennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning in HD. It was long over due that 7news made the switch.

  8. Looks nice, but they are still broadcasting the widescreen signal on the normal over the air channel so you get black bar running up the side of the screen when they cut to video shot in the field. For over the air they should be cropping the sides like any tv show/sports shot in widescreen.

  9. What happened to my post on this blog yesterday? Anyway, I think that Reed, Vivian and Robin looked great and that the show was awesome. Great change.

  10. Nice to see anohter station in Miami in HD. Why Miami is so slow in the rollout compared to other markets is beyond me. But still as always 7 always gives me a headache when I watch them, and their news is still bubble gum and trivial shame that too many people watch that stuff.

  11. Graphics, sound, and general experience is nothing short of awesome. Almost better than Xbox, especially with my 500-watt subwoofer cranking away.

    On the downside, the lighting and/or makeup on the anchors is just horrible. 7 anchors all look more like superhero cartoon characters than people (maybe that’s what they’re going for??) compared to just about every other HD newscast including the national network newscasts.

    Last but not least, 7 still insists on stretching/distorting their 4:3 content, including commercials. It was just too much to hope that they’d leave SD content undistorted…

  12. It’s already been said that the graphics are flashy, and indeed they are. I love them, I just didn’t expect the main open to be so short! Chris Crane’s new theme actually reminds me of the old one, except it’s a semitone lower and heavily reworked. Still, I think that deserves some credit too. Wonder if they still have a “closer” graphic, as well as a rejoin? Well, anyway, looks nice for the most part. A little overdone at times, but hey, that’s 7 for you. And, for the record, I don’t believe that I’m high on anything while watching this open.


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