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WTVJ on 87.7 FM Gone With DTV Transition


One of the after effects of WTVJ being on channel 6 is their signal being on the same wavelength with 87.7FM.

Sadly for those out there who took advantage of this convenience it is going away when WTVJ turns off their analog signal on Friday.

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  1. Bob, told me there is some hope. WTVJ is looking to get 87.7 back one soon after the digital transition. So the station are finding ways…

  2. I think it’s smart for WTVJ to pursue 87.7, especially for those who relied on it during any past hurricanes. I would encourage all other Channel 6 stations in the U.S. to do the same.

  3. I relied so much on 87.7 on days I was out on the road and something was happening. When Obama won I went out to the streets to celebrate with the crowds and blasted his in my car, the speech in Chicago after winning. Even if it was on 10 other radio stations, its always good to have it there. Its also a quick saving grace during the Hurricane Season.

  4. 87.7 isn’t part of the audio FM band – it’s the top end of analog Ch. 6’s audio. It’s a byproduct of broadcasting on analog 6.

    The great thing about 87.7 going away is that WKPX 88.5 FM will finally be able to be heard in the southern parts of Broward County.

    Good riddance to 87.7!

  5. People that listen to it Joe aren’t interested in whether or not it is part of the FM band, they just liked listening to it.

  6. David – Understood, but it wreaked havoc with FM 88.5 out of Sunrise. Not a good thing when a TV station’s audio screws with a legitimate FM station. I’ve always wondered why the FCC allowed that.


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