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WTVJ’s Joe Carter on “iSpeakVideo”



Photo Via: iSpeakVideo

Well, his name is “Joe C” and he’d like to be OUR website spokesperson! Well, maybe not SFLTV’s… but he is up for hire. Other than being the perky newest addition to the NBC 6 morning team, he’s also apparently working on the side. The company is called “iSpeakVideo,” and they specialize in providing “borderless” video to corporate websites. For a price, you can choose from a variety of male and female “actors” to record small video pieces for your website, or even hire one to be your “website spokesperson.” Every actor records a video to promote themselves that are featured on the iSpeakVideo website. Watch Joe’s here, by clicking on “Male” and then “Joe C.” Joe’s says:


“Hello, thanks for clicking on me… my name is Joe, and I want to be your site spokesperson! Why me and not one of the others? Well for starters, I’ve got energy… and charisma, and I want to add that to your business. I can add a buzz factor to your website, to get your customers excited about your product. You know, I know a little something about selling a product. For years, I’ve worked in television news. I was a sports anchor… now I’m a news anchor. Every broadcast I sell my message to a viewing audience. Heck, it’s how I make my living. Like I said before, if you want a guy who will connect with your customers and create buzz for your business, I’m your guy. Remember to ask for me, Joe. I look forward to working with you.”

He may even have some competition on the horizon. Insiders at iSpeakVideo tell SFLTV that former WTVJ anchor Joel Connable just recently recorded his promotional video. As of now, we’re not sure if Joe’s been hired by any website. Though, we’re pretty sure that it isn’t cheap.

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  1. Yeah, I was gonna point out “Rob” is on there too.
    Why can’t I find Joe C. on the website. Is he off the website now or am I just not looking hard enough.

  2. Wait. help. What exactly is Joe Carter doing on the air? Please, someone, just tell me what he adds to a telecast. Is he really that incredibly great at reading someone else’s copy on the prompter? Is that it? I know I’m not one of those brilliant South Florida News Directors — so a little guidance here would be greatly appreciated. I just don’t get the hire. He’s not intelligent – he’s not informative and he’s not insightful — what is he???

  3. Joe is hot! And his dimples are adorable. Who cares what he says, he looks mighty good. Take off your shirt Joe!

    • Joe Carter is smart, intelligent, and presents stories in an objective manner…and is incredibly hot!!! That’s all I need.


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