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WTVJ Pulls a WSVN, Snags John Morales From WSCV to Replace Paul Deanno


John Morales is the new WTVJ chief meteorologist.

He was snagged from WSCV Telemundo51. Morales is replacing Paul Deanno who left as of Wednesday for a morning job at KOMO in Seattle.

Not to brag or anything but me and Alex were chatting the other day and I psychically guesstimated that WTVJ bosses will look to replace Deanno with someone local and recognizable like WSVN did back in 2004. And since Trent Aric, Phil Ferro and the guys over at WFOR are all taken it will have to be someone at the Spanish stations.

When WSVN had to find a new chief meteorologist they had to do it rather fast and have someone the audience will be familiar with. So they plucked Phil Ferro out of Telemundo 51.

Besides, hurricane season is approaching fast so WTVJ management can’t dilly dally too much picking a new chief met with having to re-shoot the annual hurricane special for TV, guides and what not.


  1. Thank God!

    Morales kicks ass… knows what the hell he is talking about and is a down to earth guy. He was the best choice. Hallelujah!

  2. He is a great person but no one knows who he is here in South Florida. he only people who know him and watch him speak Spanish and they are not watching WTVJ

  3. They’ll know him soon enough, he’s that good. He also fills in on
    The Today Show when Al Roker is off. You’ll see. He’s still one of the only meterologists in town who does his OWN work, doesn’t just regurgitate what the NWS says.

    • Same as how it cost WSCV? lol He’s still under the same roof. Management on both sides is crap, yet WSCV pulls out #1.

  4. Damn, I’m always too late.. Any stations interested in some part time (or full-time for that matter) or even an intern for someone trying to get back into the business?? Bio on Facebook. Thanks

  5. Shameless pandering to the Cuban community. Saw this guy the other day and he is terrible, and his English was awful. Such a pity.


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