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WTVJ’s Paul Deanno Last Day is Today

Source: NBCmiami.com

Today is Paul Deanno’s last day as WTVJ chief meteorologist.

His last South Florida forecast on WTVJ is tonight during the 11pm newscast.

And beginning June 1st Paul will be waking up very very early for his duties as the weekdays morning meteorologist for KOMO, the ABC affiliate here in Seattle.


  1. I’m sorry to see Paul go…as much as I am missing Joel Connable on their nightly news.

    Has a replacement been selected or will Jackie Nespral now also be the new weather girl?

  2. Nice farewell, but kind of surprised Jackie and Julia didn’t acknowledge Paul’s departure until the end of the show and just barely. Paul may not always nail the forecast but his excellent delivery and communication skills at explaining the weather will be missed. What’s left of TVJ will look even great…in your rear-view mirror.

  3. Wondering why he left out Jennifer Gray when he was thanking his ‘Weather Team’. He mentioned Lonnie Quinn, but not Jennifer.

  4. WTVJ has no plans to replace Paul. They plna to save money by using John and Ryan on changing schedules and then bring in Telemundo weather guessers during hurrican season. I know it sounds crazy, but we have heard that. Also, Joel’s replacement will most likely be someone inside the newsroom, a Gray Hall or Ari Odzer. NC doesn’t want to pay more money to have an anchor in place. They want a reporter who makes less money to report and then sit at the desk. Stretched thin! Yes!

  5. John Morales is the new chief meteorologist of NBC 6. Just heard it in a spanish radio station and just saw it on NBC 6 news.

  6. What about the anchor team? Love Jackie & Juila but tired of seeing them all the time. Who will be promoted to Anchor or will there be a new face. Whoever it is please let it be a male. We need more male anchors on the air!

  7. Is it just me, or are Gray Hall and Ari Odzer just not anchor material??

    And I am still wondering – why are there four or five anchors on South Florida Today and Today in South Florida? This is really the most over-resourced part of that station. Really – sometimes less is more.

    Take Kelly off her only assignment (South Florida Today) and have her take Joel’s spot at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Nothing wrong with an all female night team.

  8. Oh my gawd! They really did shuffle the Telemundo meteorologist over to WTVJ as chief met! How good is this guy? How good is his english? I will shoot myself if he has a thick accent! First Phil Ferro and now this guy?

  9. Paul gave a big goodbye during his last weather forecast on Wednesday night. He thanked everyone under the sun, including his church and pastor, and said if you’re looking for a church, join Flamingo Rd Church…. weird if you ask me. No preaching on TV please.

  10. Sorry to see Paul leave. Was he forced out like so many in the field? Why is Jackie so revered she stumbles thru most news casts. It is tough to watch the news when so many new faces appear. What about Jennifer Grey..is she gone also?

  11. Tony, Jennifer Gray left about a month ago. It’s sad to her leave. I really think she was becoming more of a famous face in South Florida television after that dance competition. Paul moved to Seattle to be closer with family. Jackie should be replaced. She has been main anchor since 2001. Time for a change.

  12. I don’t know why they left, but I can’t stand that Shannon on Sundays morning. Please we need a better anchor on sundays!!!


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