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Anchor Lisa Hayward Arrested For DUI


WSFL morning anchor Lisa Hayward has been arrested on DUI charges. According to the Sun Sentinel Hayward crashed her car into a tree at 800 NE 26th Avenue in Pompano beach on Wednesday night and allegedly her alcohol level was 0.17, twice the legal limit in Florida.

She was charged with four counts, one of which is driving under the influence and released on $2500 bond.

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  1. No on except her employer the Sentinel. They put her mug shot on their morning news show.

    The Sentinel reported all the facts except that she had just come from a Sentinel WSFL party with other TV hosts and co workers.

    Good luck to Lisa. She’ll bounce back.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Obviously, she wasn’t on the show this morning. I hadn’t noticed because I’ve given up on that show now that Kristin has been banished to live reporting. Guess WSFL feels they can do better with a sausage-fest in the studio, good luck to them.

  3. Hope this didn’t impact her career. I know WSFL is a shitty station but she can still grow to a better station.

    She has the looks for sure!

  4. Maybe someone else can confirm this…but from what i understand, she had just been told she was being layed off from WSFL a couple days before this incident.

  5. Lisa Hayward laid off? She and Kristin were the most solid parts of the show and I too stopped watching when Kristin got thrown back into the field.

    BTW…is Lisa Hayward in an informercial??? I saw her host an infomercial about sneakers on a recent vacation to Holland. I guess it may be for an international audience only, but she is just that good.

    She will bounce back. She has the talent.

    • cars can pass for cans, no? Though nowadays with all that plastic on the outside… Spell checker isn’t smart enough it turns out, post corrected

  6. What the hell is wrong with this woman??? I’d like to know why a MARRIED woman with kids is out drinking! I’d also like to know why a MARRIED woman with kids would post scantily-clad photos of herself all over the internet. Even if you think she’s attractive, there is something wrong when there are VERY FEW IF ANY photos of her with her husband and kids! I find that very interesting and also a warning sign of problems in the marriage.

    Hey Lisa, how about posting a HAPPY FAMILY photo of you, your husband and the kids? I guess the answer to that lies in the question….”what happy family?”

  7. @ BillI agree with you Bill. I do find it very interesting that she consistantly parades around facebook and the internet to show off her body, though the ones in defense will easily say the obvious like, “what’s wrong with that?” I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that…I wouldn’t want my wife or my mom doing that! But again, the defense party on here think nothing of that. However, I don’t see any of the other attractive beauties from the station she left in Palm Beach or any of the other news stations in that area doing any of that. It only leads to the inevitable actions of someone out of control! Of course, she is a mom and she is a married woman. She was alone in the car when she crashed. She was DRUNK. (by the way, “sunshine”, I doubt she was avoiding a cat as you so put it) A DRUNK person could care less about any living thing on the road. She was just lucky she didn’t kill anyone.


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